Friday, March 13, 2009

Interior Design

Vin unleashed his interior designing skills with their action figures the other day. Bea and Sam were in school and he had no one to play with when he saw the girls dollhouse and the crate of action figures beside it. He asked me if he could play with it. I said. "Yes you may." and he was at work while i too was deep in my search online for furniture to jumpstart our moving to our new home. Then he asked me to look at what he made ... i was so amused how he fixed them up in the different places of the house that i took pictures of it. I noticed he grouped the girls together, the Pokemon characters together and he had an accompanying explanation on as to why a certain toy was beside another. It was indeed very creative and smart!

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Elizabeth said...

daming toys! me designing skills din ha? galing!

melisse, I mentioned you ngapala sa latest entry ko, see you there! :) thanks so much for all the help!