Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grocery Time

Summer break is finally here!

Today actually marks the first day of the girl's school summer break ... so the first thing we had to do was hit the supermart and stock up on food that they will munch on the whole day they are home. They love going with me and do the groceries because i give them things to remember to buy and they help me put the stuff in the cart. They also take turns pushing the cart but of course i have to guide it or else we will have a couple of skinned heels coning .. hehehe!

One of the things they look forward to do is running to the nearest barcode scanner in the aisle and proudly notify me of the price of a particular item and wait for my nod for them to put it in the cart. lol! Doing the groceries is one fun bonding time for me and the kiddies plus i get my favorite chips while i am blogging during the wee hours. My me time!

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