Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blessings From Above

Today is Vin's birthday .... another reminder how i have been truly blessed.

I have soo many things in my life that i have to be thankful for ... and believe me when i say they are all not tangible and material things ... it is the blessing of life!

It has been five years and i have been continually been blessed ...

This is my fourth life really, since we put our lives on the line everytime we usher in a miracle from God .. and the last one (with Vin's birth) is another proof that He will always be there for us!

I am content, happy and fulfilled ... i have nothing more to ask ... but maybe more years with my children so i can see them grow into beautiful persons .. this is my calling.

Happy Birthday my little five year old .. i love you!

Vin smiling happily at five!

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Rocks said...

Hi melisse! belated birthday greetings to your vin! he's so cute :)