Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Bunny Movie ... Not

Was in the mall last weekend shopping for dvds to watch ... you know stocking up for the long break when i asked for any new movies for kids .. they showed me this. Big Buck Bunny Movie. Since we had bunnies in the house and read the plot of the story i bought it.

When we got home, i watched it first before i let the kids view it. I was surprised that the whole "movie" lasted only ten minutes and it was quite violent for my taste. The rabbit though was kind hearted but the rodents were evil .. hehehe.

So come weekend i will return the dvd and get a replacement and give the seller a piece of my mind since they suggested it to be a good movie for the kids and boasted that it was a bestseller. Anything for a quick sale. Sigh.

Staying Safe

Being a mom i have to keep my kids safe at all times and since i regularly go out with them without Christian it is important that i know how to protect them. I am planning on enrolling in a self defense course maybe taekwondo or something that can somehow give me the confidence i need when we are out. When i was searching the internet for self defense products i found this stun gun pretending to look like a harmless cellphone. I plan on buying some sort of protection to keep me armed especially with the kind of times we have .. no one is spared not even a pretty momma like me ... lol!

It pays to be prepared!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Vin

Here are a few pictures of Vin while looking at his sisters waveboarding .. i called him and asked him to smile! Say Cheese!

Summer Plans

A good friend of mine in facebook asked me what the family's plans for summer are. Made me think ... hmmmm. I actually have no laid out plans just yet, of course there is the McDonalds kiddie crew activiries for Bea and Sam, Holy Week activities, Easter, waveboarding .... but no actual concrete travel plans yet. Most of the trip we made these past weeks were spur of the moment days planning only. But i would surely love to bring the family on a fun filled cruise, something that is diffrenet from what we usually take. I am sure that would be a summer getaway to remember. Will look into this and discuss with Christian and the family. I am so excited with the possibilities!

Sweet Fix

I just love dougnuts and luckily this is something we all share to love! Love Dunkin doughnuts and Krisp Kreme among the ones available ... not too sweet and the bread is just right. The nice thing about Krispy Kreme over Dunkin though is that it's freshly baked so it is so moist and hot! I actually can eat four of the plain (sugar glazed) in one sitting, i wonder after consuming all of them how i will be able to slip into the sexy lingerie that i have been eyeing for some time ... heheheh! With just al little excercise i am sure i can still pull it off! Goodluck to me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Future Medalist

Vin excitedly put on Bea and Sam's medals they earned this year ... lol! Having a dry run when his turn will come ... Vin will start kindergarten next shool year!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Till Next School Year

Bea and Sam had their recognition day last Friday, Christian took a leave so he could be with us ... needed another pair of hands to man the camera .. hahaha! But really, i appreciate it that he makes an effort to be with the kids during special milestones like these. He is truly a hands on father and i know these are things that money cannot buy .. so having said this my kids are truly wealthy!

Here are a few pictures of them opening the micro babies ... gave the dog tags earlier, and the other gift (Pixerl Chix) i opt to give at home so they can be more relaxed. Look at the last picture where three heads are hovering over it .. hehehe!

So glad that they liked it all!

I wonder what i will be giving them next year .. it will be times three then as Vin will start school this coming school year.

One Of A Kind Finds

Everytime school finishes i make it a point to give the girls gifts ... for being good students, waking up everyday with no complaints, helping me in the morning when i prepare them for school, and doing their homework diligently and just by simply having good attitudes towards school is the reason why i give them gifts. I am just fortunate that they bring home awards too, but really they are just icing on the cake .. was never too big on pressuring them to get awards and medals, it just comes naturally because they love school.

Took a picture of my recent find on Ebay :)

I actually lost sleep making sure i don't get outbid for these cute little babies ... what is so special about them? They are interactive! I know the girls will love them!

They do 10 things like blink their eyes, sing, dance, sing a lullaby before they sleep, crawl and even ask for milk and say "Hi momma!" when you say "Hi Baby!" I am sure they will love it ... i love it! I am very excited to give it to them .. they have not seen anythig like this!

I also got them High School Musical dog tag necklaces with a mirror at the back. Sharpay for Bea and Gabriella for Sammie .. both their favorites.

I saw these micro babies while i was searching the net for xbox 360 that i am thinking of buying to add to their summer activities now that school is out.

I also got the girls (but this one they will share on one first) a Pixel Chix interactive house, this they have seen in malls but have not tried yet, but is nice and interesting.

I hope they like the things i got them especially that they came home last week telling me that they both have awards and will be attending the recognition rites! Cngratulations to my little achievers!

Grocery Time

Summer break is finally here!

Today actually marks the first day of the girl's school summer break ... so the first thing we had to do was hit the supermart and stock up on food that they will munch on the whole day they are home. They love going with me and do the groceries because i give them things to remember to buy and they help me put the stuff in the cart. They also take turns pushing the cart but of course i have to guide it or else we will have a couple of skinned heels coning .. hehehe!

One of the things they look forward to do is running to the nearest barcode scanner in the aisle and proudly notify me of the price of a particular item and wait for my nod for them to put it in the cart. lol! Doing the groceries is one fun bonding time for me and the kiddies plus i get my favorite chips while i am blogging during the wee hours. My me time!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blessings From Above

Today is Vin's birthday .... another reminder how i have been truly blessed.

I have soo many things in my life that i have to be thankful for ... and believe me when i say they are all not tangible and material things ... it is the blessing of life!

It has been five years and i have been continually been blessed ...

This is my fourth life really, since we put our lives on the line everytime we usher in a miracle from God .. and the last one (with Vin's birth) is another proof that He will always be there for us!

I am content, happy and fulfilled ... i have nothing more to ask ... but maybe more years with my children so i can see them grow into beautiful persons .. this is my calling.

Happy Birthday my little five year old .. i love you!

Vin smiling happily at five!

Summer Figure

Summer is finally here!

I can feel the heat and our family is planning our summer outing activities and for sure "the beach day" is lined up! I have to get new suits for the girls .. they both grew so much from last summer and to think i just bought them new ones last year. I myself have to get myself on a treadmill fast if i want to don a bathing suit too! I am thinking my old suit would still work (bought it last summer too) but since i have no more room to grow in height it's my stomach area that is expanding .. hehehe! Have to work on my problem areas .... and fast!

I loooove the beach!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Interior Design

Vin unleashed his interior designing skills with their action figures the other day. Bea and Sam were in school and he had no one to play with when he saw the girls dollhouse and the crate of action figures beside it. He asked me if he could play with it. I said. "Yes you may." and he was at work while i too was deep in my search online for furniture to jumpstart our moving to our new home. Then he asked me to look at what he made ... i was so amused how he fixed them up in the different places of the house that i took pictures of it. I noticed he grouped the girls together, the Pokemon characters together and he had an accompanying explanation on as to why a certain toy was beside another. It was indeed very creative and smart!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Caliraya Bonding Time

Went to Caliraya for camping activities for the kids and here are a few of my favorite moments ...

Loving Caliraya's cool breeze

Vin looking far and wide ...

My three treasures!

With my dubby, Christian :)

I just love buko!

Daydreaming ....

Male Bonding!

Looking at you!

Bea, Sam, Vin and Me(lisse) ..heheh!

What's camping without hotdogs!

It's so cold here ... three of us (Mik, Loren and I) bundked in comforters

Bea's smile!

Click here to see more snapshots of our fun Caliraya trip!

More Online Loot

Power Rangers digital watch, Talking Furby keychain and Music bracelet

Winnie the Pooh belt and Spiderman water squirters for Vin

Power Ranger knee pads and kite

Justice League kite

Talking Furby english version

Have more but i forgot to take pictures of them as i wrapped them right away for Bea and Vin's present. I also bought some things for Sam and Bea for their congratulation gift because they did well in school ... plus i still have active bids with Ebay that will end next week. The shopping fever has bitten me like the twilight mania .. hehehe!

International Purchase Arrived

My very first International Ebay purchase arrived after ten days! Yay!

My package came from United Kingdom

Christian got it from the post office and paid P35 for storage fee

Two Bratz boy dolls ... there are no boy bratz here for sale ... there was one that came out and we got that last Christmas at Toy Kingdom already. I just could not let this pass .. so i got two dolls just in time for Bea's birthday.

Cameron doll complete with skis

Dylan doll

I can't wait to see Bea's reaction when she sees all the presents i got for her :)

Stop Over Photo Opps

After three hours driving home from Caliraya family outing we stopped for a bite at Ding Hao Chinese Restaurant for dinner and bathroom break ... also for a chance to stretch our legs.

My sister Loren, my mama, my sister Kats and me ... bathroom break!

My sister asking Vin to massage her feet .. hehehe!

"Like this Nanay?"

"Whew, all that massaging made me tired .."
This is Vin's sunburned face :)