Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Online Hunt Is On

My Online Loot!

New wardrobe for our boy bratz at P77 per box ... nice!

Brand new Hannah Montana shirt at ... P77 ... wow! What a steal! Heheheh!

P57 for this pack of colorful ponytail holders :)

My seller gave this to me ... for free! Yey me!

I can't believe the online shopping bug can actually bite me ... and bite it did!

I have been spending hours looking at different things and am totally amazed that anything under the sun can be bought online! How convenient! A single stroke of the keyboard will place my order and in just a short wait my goods are here! Yey!

Here is my very first online loot ... but beware there are a lot more coming!

I have purchased so many things already and will try and post them here as they come in. I am now excitedly looking at kitchen wares, great discount bath fixtures, and some bedroom pieces to jumpstart our summer renovation. So excited!

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