Friday, February 6, 2009

Grades Later

Will be picking up Bea and Sam in school this afternoon, they will be out early as they will only attend the First Friday Mass and just have some practice today. Schedule of release of report cards are later at 2:00 pm so i will be getting it as well.

I have no problems with their grades (a far cry when it was MY report card in the olden days! hahaha!) they are good students and manage to bring home high grades. I don't push them so hard to get the coveted digits though, i just want them to have a good time in school and be there to learn and not be terrorized ... since they have this kind of attitude towards school, good grades just come naturally.

Sam by the way requested that when i pick her up later to pass by the store and buy her some banana-que ... hehehe! Food really occupies her mind! So, the itinerary is school ... store for the treat .. home .. i have tons of work to do (household and design ...hehe) but what the heck, it's friday! My favorite day of the weekday .... though Saturdays still rocks!

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