Sunday, February 15, 2009

Biking Boy

Weekend spells waveboarding and sccoter activities for the kids ... but this time Vin requested if he could bring his bike instead ... so that we did. He had a great time biking around till it became dark while the girls waveboarded and Christian and i munching on Crispy Kreme doughnuts and milkshakes from Brothers Burgers.

While sitting there and munching away we saw my friend's sister and was surprised to see me with three active kids .. hahaha! She told me that i looked good as i added some pounds, and Christian was lean and she said he looked good too. She insisted to know what weight loss products Christian was taking, so she can give it to her husband as well. She really liked the new Christian, who by the way is still pressured by me to pick up weights and do some serious weight lifting .. hehehe! I would love to see Christian with all the muscles ... his never ending promise to me is ... "yes, i will do it ... soon!"

How "soon"is "soon"? lol!

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