Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wave Board 101

Took the wave board for a spin on New Year's Eve at the Fort while waiting for the fireworls to begin .. and the first (and to date the ONLY casualty is Me!) Hahahah!

I confidently jumped on it after hours of balancing at home (holding on to cabinets for dear life though) and lay splat on the ground seconds after i boarded it. It was painful! Luckily, it wasn't tragic (hehehe!) but boy did it hurt. Will be leaving the board to Christian and the kids for a while. Lol!

To take the wave boarding further i watched a lot of you tube videos and saw how easy it looked (hence the word "looked" hahaha) also researched about sprains and Plantar Fasciitis , painful foot condition in the heel and arch area to make sure i got everything covered. My left arm and left hip is actually the one hurting ... my old bones needs to be oiled! hehehe!

Will go out later and try it out again ... No Fear! Hahahah!

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