Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last day Of School

Bea and sam capped their last day of school (before the Christmas break that is) with a school stage presentation and as always they enjoyed it! They had exchange gifts and Bea and sam gave all their teachers and classmates Christmas presents. They were so excited it giving them out .. and Bea even said, "You are right Mama, it is better to give than receive!" hehehe!

After the school play and eating time there which lasted till 7:00 pm we headed to SM (my home away from home ..hahah!) to eat some more! I let them play at the inflatables and the arcade.

We went to the department store to buy last minute presents, bought myself a pizza (yey me!) and garlic, french and cheese bread before we called it a day!

It sure was a fun filled day again for the Baylosis kiddies!

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