Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gearing Up For Another Good Year

My business has been going on for four years now and i myself am surprised at how much it has grown. This is one of the things that i am passionate about, and i will not let any of my clients (now turned ym chatmates) down with the design i give them. I always think of ways of things to make our projects unique, together we think out of the box and discover the best for every project. No design for me is a duplicate, i give it my full concentration and really think what would be nice to suit the occassion and the need.

To date i have clients from way, way back and have referred me to their family and friends. I have walk-ins who say they saw me on some sites (that i did not even advertise on), some even just googled me (hehehhe!) and of course my site at multiply. I have a lot of overseas clients, corporate and even have tie ups with several events organizers for their functions.

Yes, i am so fulfilled and happy with the way it is going and hope this will be another good year for PerfectPixelsMelisse!

As of this writing, i am already working on three projects! And a few lined up waiting for them to email me their pictures and specs.

My email is always full on inquiries and request for quotes since after Christmas ... will answer them now. I sort of took a break because of the load i was doing Christmas season ... but despite of the "Closed for the holidays drama" i had to accomodate rush designs for good friends/clients that i could not say "No" to (you know who you are, hehehe .. am glad i was able to do what you wanted despite the frenzy feeling of the Christmas activities) there were two tarpaulins for reunion and christening, invites for a post wedding reception, tarp for the wedding stage, restaurant gift certificatem name frames for gifts and tumbler orders.

Here i am again gearing up for a good 2009!

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