Saturday, January 31, 2009

Strawberry Girls

Bea is my picky eater, but she recently discovered that she loves Strawberry milkshakes! So it has been a welcome addition to her list of favorite treats! Heheheh!

Sam has always been a milkshake lover surprise there ... lol!

So now we order two strawberry milkshakes for Bea and Sam (thick and the tallest glass available!) and one vanilla milkshake for plain-jane me! Heheheh!

Shower Gift

I have been thinking what to give my soon-to-be-married friend on her bridal shower. Of course she would really appreciate some nice looking sexy panties for her honeymoon night. My other friend already got her some night gowns so i will be in charge of giving her lingerie to complete the look.

Saw so many kinds so it really is a deilemna on what exactly to buy her. Maybe i will buy a few pieces to match her mood. Hehehe!

I better look around too and order some for me ... i sure could use some glow ... hahaha!

Playtime Smiles

This is a typical playtime scenario when the cousins meet every weekend ... play, smiles, laughter and love for each other is evident in every picture! Kids really know how to have fun!

Sleepy Beyond Reason

I am sooo sleepy ... so what's the problem? Sleep!

I can't just yet, not for another hour, i am still waiting for my client who scheduled a chat with me at 1:30 am, she is from Los Angeles, California and that is the only available time for her and me to talk about her designs. So while everybody is asleep here .. i am still burning the midnight oil .. hahaha!

I asked her last nightwhen we were chatting how she was able to get a work visa there and she told me she was able to with the help of a good immigration attorney who helped her along the way. I also have dreams of working abroad ... maybe that is also a good thing to ponder on. Will give it some serious thought really soon.

Family Affair

Our family enjoys eating out, may it be a simple snack to a heavy eat-all-you-can fare we enjoy each others company. It is a great time to bond and catch up on each others lives since we all have our own little families (except for our youngest Loren) and just see each other during weekends. Our weekends are spent wisely, we think of activities to do with the kids so they have something to hold on to till the next weekend. Since eating out is something we like to do, i really appreciate the fact that my metabolism really is fast so i practically don't gain weight no matter how much i eat. But i guess when the time comes when it does slow down i will have to have some best weight loss pills handy to keep my figure in check .. hehehe! I want to be svelte and yet enjoy the fine things in life like eating and bonding with the family, it's like having the best of both worlds.

Artistic Bea

Bea had some time to use the computer while i was fixing dinner. When she was done she said "Mama, can you please save this for me.", I went near her and saw this pretty collage ... i said "Wow Bea, this is really nice!"

This is a collage of her favorite computer games ... looks like i have a mini-me blossoming soon!

Bea my graphic artist is coming!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Vacation Incentive

I am swamped again!

I currently have six ongoing projects just this week, and would you believe three of those are overseas clients, London, Singapore and Japan. So you can just imagine that my computer (yahoo messenger) is on 24/7 to accomodate and answer all their queries and to make faster transactions through chatting. I have different sleep time since i am working with different time zones.. hehehe! Can you believe that i will be able to finish everything by Saturday, printed and shipped too. Christian told me that i am really a workaholic and i have told him that i deserve a good vacation once the kids school starts their break .. hehehe! That is why i scheduled time to look at places to make my vacation planning into a reality. I am excited to look on Sunday as soon as i finish all my work and start on new clients next week. Yes, i do need some "me" time, but "me" time is not complete without the kids as well .. so that just spells a great vacation!

Elvis Treat

My papa is a great fan of Elvis and this could really be a treat for him! calling all Elvis Fans ... unite!

He never died and he never will. So, on his birth month, die-hard fans of the immortal King of Pop Elvis Presley will flock to Enchanted Kingdom (EK).

See the country's premiere theme park welcome Elvis fans young and old, and treat those who come in appropriate Elvis costume to Free entrance and rides at the park.

There will be free Elvis movies, a parade of Elvis look-alikes, a best Elvis costume competition, an Elvis singing championship, retailing of Elvis CDs and DVDs and other paraphernalia, and a concert by four professional Elvis Tribute Artists. Enjoy Elvis' eternal music performed by Nonie Yambao, the new Elvis Presley of the Philippines; Alex Torres, winner of the 2007 EPFC sound-alike contest; Douglas Masuda, Elvis from Japan; Atty. Homer Mendoza, Elvis Best 50's Sound Alike, and the internationally known Elvis Band.

The winners of the costume competition will win exciting EK merchandise items and the winners of the singing competition will win cash prizes, trophies and merchandise items from EK, Magnavision and event sponsors. Visit for contest details.

Perfect Pair

I can't believe my calendar is filled with evening weddings to go to! I have two weddings to go to next weekend and another one the week after, and another one after Valentines day! I really have to say that the month of June does not dominate the title of the "wedding month" since i also had a lot of wedding last December ... hahaha! I searched for the perfect shoe for these occassions, not too dressy, yet formal and elegant .. and i found this smart looking Oscar de la Renta slingbacks! It's so pretty! It sure is a must have! Did i tell you i am not into bags but into shoes? Yup, am no bag lady ... love shoes!

Switching To Mac

My desktop computer is one thing that i cannot live without, it has tons of personal pictures, my ongoing design work and my access to worldwide web! I have upgraded it a lot of times already and now there is a need for me to upgrade the memory once more to accomodate the influx of data. I am serioulsy contemplating on getting a Mac as a back up, will have to check on the Mac memory and specs and compare it to the one i have to make sure i get a good machine that does not require me to upgrade frequently.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Christian tapped me this morning and said in a very relaxed tone, "Wake up ... it's 7 o'clock ... " and i said, "Whhhaatttt???!!! OMG!" and bolted out the room! Bea and Sam's exams are AT 7 am! I hurriedly went to their room and woke them up gently with a tinge of urgency .. hehehe!

They were out the house at 7:30 .

My bad.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The girls have their final exams today till tomorrow ... been studying with them while i do my work ... multi-tasking! Hopefully what we reviewed gets to be on paper .. hahaha!

Tomorrow is Friday! Yey!

Have to destress with a relaxing facial .... but will hit the mall tomorrow afternoon after the exams to celebrate ... my freedom! Hahahaha!

Post Christmas

A few snapshots of the kids having the time of their lives .. opening endless presents! Their smiles are priceless! Makes all the hours spent wrapping them all worth it!

Present Hunt

Was in the mall with the girls the other night looking for a perfect gift for my good friend Zarah, who will be celebrating her birthday in February. We scoured the mall until closing time but could not find one that she would like. I got an idea from one of my e-group forums and decided to get her a nice read at Amazon books which i know she will really like! I wonder why did i not think of that right away instead of braving the mall crowd? Better late that never i must say!

Vin's Pancakes

Vin and i were playing restaurant-restaurant while the girls were in school. He asked me what my order was .. i said, "Anything you have, surprise me and give me three orders." He said "Yes, Mama!"

After a few minutes he came up to me and said, "Here is your order .. three pesos please!"

I looked at it and said, "Wow! What's my order?"

He proudly said, "Three pancakes! The pink part is the pancake, the white part is the white butter like in Pancake restaurant (buttermilk) and the yellow in the middle is another butter!"

Hehehe! I loved it!

I wonder if Vin gets big enough to do real cooking and whips up real pancakes smothered with twice the butter i might need effective diet pills to withstand the butter overload! Yum!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 Is Off To A Good Start

I have always been a very optimistic person and i hope i am able to pass that on to my children as casually as i can, i don't want to impose it on them. Being happy and letting trials pass you by lightly will really help you get the most of this life. I have been reading the famous book "The Secret" and learned so many things. The power is truly in us! We can change the things we do not like and make it work for us if you jusy believe you can do it and i don't see why you can't have everything you want.

So here's to getting what we want out of life! Let us attract the good things and believe me everything will just fall into place!

Have a happy life!

I am helping my cousin find the best diet pills available to start her off to her journey to look good and feel good about herself ... looking good will naturally follow suit when you start feeling good! So let's all sit back and think of all the good things we have and reap the rewards in no time! Smile!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Together

I am really so lucky that i have such happy kids! They get along and really look out for each other all the time. Sometimes when we go to the supermarket when they get something they always get in threes (triple cost .. hahaha!) even when they are not with me. I am glad i have instilled in them love for each other. Everytime we go out on outings we are sure to have a great time because the kids really enjoy travelling and being with each other. I am actually planning our next family vacation and am searching the best deal vacation rentals and hopefully book early to beat the summer peak seasin in getting accomodations. I want our trip to be perfect .. just like my kids!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bonding Time

Bea, Sam and Vin are very close to their cousins and they really have a ball whenever we go out .. it could be just a simple mall trip and they still have fun! Here are a few pictures ... our next activity will be on Saturday at Boni High with our wave boards! We have a dinner reunion with my mom's part of the family after our waveboarding activity in the afternoon .. it's going to be another busy weekend.

First Projects For 2009

To mark the start of 2009 for PerfectPixelsMelisse, i am posting the first three designs, finished, printed and delivered projects.

This is for a corporate client, a Wish Board for a resigning employee, printed on Sintra Board

An invite for a post-wedding reception here in the Philippines, for their relatives here because they got married abroad.

This is their Stage Backdrop on tarpaulin