Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We Love Papits

Bea, Sam and Vin truly adores their Papits!

They love him so much!

Here are some latest pictures of the kids with papits when we went strolling at Rockwell ... look at their happy faces!

Distant Before, Closer Now

The kids met up with their cousins from Christian's side of the family and they had to be introduced and had a few moments of shy and akward silence. After a while they warmed up especially when Vin was being his funny self so the girls kind of eased up and began talking. They talked about school and of course Facebook games!

Christian's sister just moved back here and is starting to fix their newly bought house and she is thinking of putting a small pond because her kids love Koi fishes, so she is now looking into pond supplies to give her an idea on how much it will cost to have one in their garden. I told her that once it is installed to invite us as my kids love Koi fishes too!


I found something very interesting!

I was searching the internet helping out my cousin on getting information on together rx access when i came across a site where you upload your picture and come out with cool photo effects, i was able to make one with me with Edward Cullen of Twilight fame. Yipee!

I really love it!

I will surely bookmark it for future references, it would also be a great gift for friends and Twilight fanatics like me!

Christmas Decluttering

I just love the holidays!

Especially the time for me and the kids to stay home ... going to school everyday can really be tiring .. hahaha!

Finally, i have time to declutter their room especially to give room for the new toys and things that will come in two days. Dust mites are gathering in some places and i really have to major clean up, would love to have a steam cleaner to help me with this tedious job. I plan to finish cleaning their room and our room in two days .... plus the laundry on the side. Help!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Facebook Family

Have i shared that all of us have our own facebook accounts?

Yup, Vin and i share mine and Bea and Sam have their own and maintain and update during weekends. They love playing Pet Society and now have discovered Petville. Would you believe i even use real money to buy coins for the kids so they can buy some things for their virtual pets. Highway robbery! Hahahha!


Finally the two day examinations are done! Yey!

We are finished with the third quarter Mastery Tests and will have Final exams early next year ... more time to study. The kids are now in full swing in the daily practices for their Christmas stage play presentation ... a first for Vin ... i can't help but feel proud to see Vin eagerly mastering the steps with his classmates. I was reluctant for Vin to start school but seeing him enjoy school really makes me happy!

I actually toldmy cousin when we were chatting how thrilled i am to see all my kids be in one school presenation. She on the other hand was having a few problems with her daughter in school which is why they are moving and she was presently looking for cross country moving companies to help her do this smoothly and effectively. I wished her all the luck and know that she can find one and that everything will turn out okay. Things will look up for her ... i know it.

I Love New Moon

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I am craving for more!

Can't wait for eclips ... hahahha!

The waiting game .. again.

Busy ... Busy

I can't believe how busy i am these past few weeks ... i can hardly breathe. The kid's school schedule is also heavy from their regular assignments to the review of all the subjects for their examinations plus the school practices for their upcoming Christmas play. The start of November has been jampacked and have been losing on precious sleep as well. I surely am looking forward to the Christmas break! What i would give to have a much needed vacation anywhere ... how about in Florida's destin condos ... i can dream can i? Well, have to get back to work .. reality check!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sleep, Sleep

Two more sleeps and i am off to watch New Moon!

I can't believe it's going to be this soon!

After all the waiting and media hype ... finally.

Sleep .. sleep!

Freeze The Moment

Saw a snap shot of Bea, Sam and their cousin Marielle inside my drawer, they all look so cute! I scanned the photo and uploaded right away to preserve the moment digitally. Look at all their chubby cheeks! It seemed like it was just yesterday ... enter melodramatic background music .... hahaha!

Earn An Online Degree

I have been going through the internet searching for good accredited online degree that my sister in law can do while she is at home tending to her kids. I was directed to many online universities but a stand out for me was the Western Governors Online University that offers a variety of online courses from business, teaching, information technology and even health practitioners. One is sure to find the best course suited for your persinality, talent and skills to make you excell in your chosen field. Being busy nowadays is no longer an excuse not to finish school and get a degree, there are a lot of great opportunities waiting for you without even leaving the comforts of your home and you do not compromise anything with getting into these courses. You have nothing to lose but all to gain ... it really pays to take control of your life and do soemthing for yourself and enhance yourself further.

Cute Hearts

Was doing my good samaritan duty on the net helping out my cousin to look for Mopar performance parts when i came across this cute website. You can input names and even sayings and it will generate candy heart images of your chosen words or names. I find it so cute! Of course i had to use the names of my three children to adorn the pretty candy hearts. Search for this site and make your own cute candy heart names!

So Fast

My first born Bea is growing up way too fast ...

She is now eleven and has officially experienced having a pimple ... uh-oh.

I now spent a full 30 minute on how to wash her face with the liquid soap i got for her to keep her face refreshed and clean to avoid any future breakouts. I asked around from my mommy friends too about the best and effective acne treatment that they use for their tweens. I have a few selection now on my hand and will keep my fingers crossed taht i don't need them just yet if Bea can control the breakouts to a minimum.

I can't believe i am now talking about pimple treatments when we were all just Barbie and Bratz last year.

Lost In The City

Last Sunday after the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, Christian and i decided to walk around the Manila area, a very unfamiliar place for both of us. We were heading towards the mall that had a specific shop i wanted, so there we were waling around aimlessly. In a few minutes it started to drizzle and the "lovely" stroll no longer was simple and joyful .. hahaha! I went and asked around for directions to the mall and was directed to different places which triggered Christian to say "Can you please stop asking for directions", huh, Men and directions really do not go hand in hand. I on the other hand like asking for directions, opposites do attract. I love having a handy gps on hand every time, in as much as i want to go exploring i do not want to walk around and find out far from where i have to go and walk again back to where i came from. So anyway to make the long story short we did find the mall eventually and got drenched in the rain as well. But all the same we both enjoyed the H-H-W-W (Holding Hands While Walking) rainy afternoon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pet Society Halloween

The Pet Society bug has bitten me .. deep!

I actually use my paypal funds to get cool things for my pet Neiji's house .. hahaha!

Who says games are only for kids?!

Will post pictures of our house soon!

Good Grades

Came back from school to get their report cards and attend the parent-teacher conference. Saw a lot of my parent friends and had a lot of catching up to do from school activities, grades, upcoming school stage play and even weight loss products that they are using, talk about catching up .. we practically talked about everything.

Bea, Sam and Vin's grades very very good .. all three of them had higher grades than last quarter. I am so proud of them ... and most of all they love going to school so i feel getting the good grades just follows.

I am one proud mama!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blessed I Am

Though there are a lot of things going on ... it still boils down to one thing ... i am so blessed.

I have so many things to be thankful for .. no room for complaints.

Count your blessings too and realize that we are blessed one way or the other... we ar just sometimeslooking the other way when all our blessings are right in front of us waiting to be acknowledged.

I am truly blessed ... blessed i am.

Kris Kringle

Christmas is really in the air!

We already drawn names in school for our Kris Kringle ... yipee!

Christmas really makes me happy ... sometime even amidst all the troubles and challenges around us, Christmas finds a way to make itself felt. I have been seeing a lot of Christmas decorations on sale around the malls and Christmas music are being played to create a festive mood too. Let me remind you though not to buy cheap Christmas lights that have not passed quality control for it's safety, there has been a lot of fire during this time caused by faulty wiring of lights. I saw on the news that there is actually a fire retardant Christmas tree available to somehow control the flames if fire does happen. Sometimes, it really pays to spend a little more to make sure we get quality items, but of course there are also a lot of good buys available, let us just be sure to check them well before buying and using them in our homes.

Merry Christmas!

Growing Up

One of the things people tell me about Bea is that she is tall for her age, she turned eleven this year. She is also on the lean side so i guess she won't be searching for any slimming pill anytime soon. She has my body frame .. tall and thin, while Sam is a little chubby (cute!) like Christian.

This picture was taken last weekend when we went karaoke, Sam belting out her fave songs while Bea was busy in a corner fixing her Love and Berry trading cards.

Another thing, Bea has suddenly lost interest playing at the playground (to Vin's dismay) and would like to just sit it out and listen in her ipod ... ooohhh .. teenager alert very, very soon!


Yes, i am breaking out.

And i am not talking about the hit song of the Swing Out Sisters this time.

It's my skin ... it is breaking out!

The only culprit i can the think of is my lack of sleep because i work on my design till the wee hours of the morning and get up at 6:00 am to get the kids ready for school. I also have a lot of overseas clients that i get to chat with midnight while it is morning in their place. I have the ever dependable yahoo messenger to do the job while some of them have a different chat software to get the job done. Don't get me wrong, i love chatting and connecting with my cleints real time with chatting ... it's the zits that i am finding annoying.

I am trying hard to sneak in a few minutes of snooze time when the kids come in the afternoon after i give them their snacks. I hope somehow this will minimize my breakouts even just a little bit. Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Signal 3 Up

Heard the news ... storm signal three is up here in Metro Manila.

It has been predicted that the typhoon will hit land by 10:00 pm. In just an hour it will happen. It has started drizzling and a stronger breeze has started ... hopefully it won't be like they have forecasted.

I have my flashlights ready and charged all our cellphones too in case there are any power interruptions.

Hope all will be well.

Card Collection

Love and Berry trading fashion cards are still very hot for my two girls and they both have their own albums for it. Secretly i am really glad that Bea and Sam's age are not so far from each other .. this way they have the same likes and they can relate to just about anything. I know that they will always be there for each other and will also look out for their little brother all the time. I just love my three kids to no end! I cannot imagine living with out them ... uh-oh my post is becoming sentimental ... must be the weather ... hahaha ... it has started to rain now.

Perfect Faux Hair

Was in the mall last week to look at tile flooring choices for my cousin's kitchen upcoming renovation and spotted this faux ponytail in a nearby accessories store. It was the perfect color with Sam's natural haircolor so i put it on her and took a quick shot. I kept on asking her if she likes it, but she was really shy and kept saying "No Mama, i don't like ..." so i did not buy it. I know that she really wants to grow her hair ... but maybe because the sales person kept on saying that it really looked real on Sam's hair so she said she did not want it because of the attention she was getting. But all the same i took a photo of it and really like it on her ... will ask her again one of these days if she changed her mind about it when we go to the mall again ... never say die ... lol!

Controversial Photo Shoot

These are only a few of the pictures that are making quite a stir because of the coloring of the models skin tones and making them dark. They are the present contestants of the reality model search of model Tyra Banks.

Personally, i don't find anything offensive with the pictures ... for me it kinda showed the versatility of the girls looks and is no way showing racial discrimination. I marvel at their body frames because they can wear anything and still look good. Working out is surely the answer here to have that svelte body, maybe a few minutes with a Kettlebell will do wonders for their posture as well.

I wonder who will emerge the winner this year?

I have my favorites.

Christmas Love

The holiday rush is also felt by my design work load as early as October, but this week alone i have been getting a lot of design orders for calendars and personalized christmas cards more than i had last year. Looks like people have been more affectionate and really wants to reach out to their loved ones more than ever. Seeing the happy smiles in the pictures they send me gives me a warm feeling that Christmas is coming and love is over flowing from one family to another. I just love this season! I really love thinking of THE perfect present for each one. I am big on gift giving !

Doing Good

My kindergarten little boy always comes home with three stars excellent stanp everyday! I ask him why he gets this coveted stamp, he would tell me "Oh, it's because i finished my work right away Mama, all done."

Took a picture of it before i give him his bath and it be gone for a few hours and be back again the next day ... yey! So proud of Vin!

By the way with only 5months of school, he now knows how to read! Yup, he can now read simple sentences!

So proud of Vin! I am really one lucky parent because all of my three kids are doing good in school and most importantly they really love going to school ... whew! Hahaha!

Short Semestral Break

Our school break begins today and will go back to school in four days ... so short .... but who am i to complain ...still love the break. I have tons of things to do and one of the major things i have to do is to do house sprucing and major sorting. Following the growing list of duties is my growing laundry basket ... uh-oh. I started hitting the laundry mode this morning to get a head start before the typhoon hits us and ruin my newly washed clothes. So far so good.

To give me a sense of happiness while running the washing machine i had my radio with me who continously played Christmas songs! Yup, Christmas is really coming. I was at the mall the other day and was surrounded with large, colorful and attractive artificial christmas trees decked with all the trimmings! There is no stopping Christmas ... typhoon or no typhoon it is coming .. so let us all be happy with all the blessings we have received all throughout the year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy All Souls Day

I got this from a news site:

MANILA -- Typhoon Santi has entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) Wednesday, prompting the government to warn the public from visiting cemeteries during the All Saint's Day celebration.

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, who leads the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC), said the new storm might trap those who visit their dead relatives at the cemeteries this weekend or there may be traffic congestion that could delay the response and relief efforts that may have to be done.

"Let us avoid visiting our relatives at the cemeteries, and if we really need to make a visit, we can do it earlier - before Saturday," Teodoro said.

Forecasters said Typhoon Santi (international codename: Mirinae) continues to gather strength as it moves towards northern Luzon as of late Wednesday evening.

I already have plans on taking the three kids to visit Christian's mom this Saturday as they have not visited for quite some time. I hope the storm does not push through, not only is it breaking tradition of visiting and honoring the dead with it's coming but instilling fear on our fellowmen with the danger it can bring. I used to think of storms as normal occurences, but now since the Ondoy experience it has a different meaning and i do not take it lightly.

I pray that we all be safe despite the coming of Ramil this weekend.

Age Catching Up

I have been experimenting on a new age defying cream that promises to stop the sign the age of skin aging and really keep my skin moisturized. It has been two weeks since i started it and happily i am getting good results with it. Yey! Aside from the face cream that i am using thay also have other products like eye cream, lip cream and even feet lotions that i am thinking if i should still try them. I will wait for a few more days and then try a few of their products since the face cream has given me favorable results. My age is really catching up on me ... have to run a little faster now .. hahaha!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's a weekend!!

At last!!

I really thrive on weekends, especially that all the kids are in school which means i too have everyday school activities as well. My ym chats have been on hold for some time because of the hordes of assignment the three kids bring home everyday, plus the projects we have to finish.

So, you can imagine how happy i am that it is finally a weekend! Hahahha! I can finally surf the net and help out my friend for the best weight loss pills available, because she knows i love looking around the internet so she will take my word on it. Talk about trustung a friend! Hahahha! I will be assuring her of good recommendations for sure, that's what friends are for anyway!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

No Breaks

There are news that due to the suspended school days due to the typhoon and flooding our semestral break and Christmas break will no longer be applied to make up for the lost school days. I am looking forward to theses breaks because for me they are literally 'breaks' from our routine. There are also talks for the possibility of Saturday classes so the breaks will no longer be shortened. I am on a cross road ... i don't like any of the options ... hehehe!

I want my breaks and i want my Saturdays!


I can't believe i am nearing my mid 40's in a few months ... so for the record i am 40-ish! Lol! I usually engage in playful banter with my mommy friends i school and when the age topic comes around they are suprised to learn that i turned forty last August. Maybe its because i don't feel it yet that is why i still act like a thirty year old (hahaha .. fat chance!) and still deceive myself .. hehehe! My friend told me that by the age of thirty five she was already going to the gym and taking weight loss pills to keep her health in check. I have yet to step into a gym, though i really want to work out and tone my body to get it ready in my olden years (hehehe) but i really cannot find the time to do it .. so many things to do, so little time! My daily schedule is tough enough and actually serves as my workout ... hahaha!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Replenish Fast

Here is the scenario at Shopwise taken by my friend yesterday when she did her grocery. These empty aisles are where the selection of instant noodles were once available ... not anymore.

Do your shopping for food as soon as you can, another typhoon is coming in .. let us all be prepared to stay indoors. Stay safe everyone.


Typhoon Ondoy has taught us a lot ...

... one of the hundreds of things it has taught us is to be prepared ... for anything.

There are things that we take for granted and then suddenly it is too late.

On top of my list to consider and evaluate once more is our present health care. I am looking if this is the best for us now. I have heard good things about Blue Cross NC so i am looking into it and will surely consider it. This difficult times after the wrath of the storm we now feel the effects of it.

Aside from food and clothes that are needed in relief centers the growing need for medicines to combat the diseases that have been developing rapidly. A lot of them are suffering from diarrhea, cough, cold and flu because of the state of their living condition plus what they have experienced during the flood. My heart goes out for them.

Another storm is entering the country, Pepeng, let us all be prepared for it and pray that we all be safe.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favorite Shirt

Sam's favorite character in Naruto is Ino (who i also do not know) who is not the main character of the show, so finding merchandise like shirts and the like are close to impossible. Here is the design i made for a personalized shirt for my little Naruto fan which we gave on her birthday

Here are the three kiddies ... notice Sam wearing the shirt! We were having a quick snack at McDonalds while we were waiting for Christian who went to the electronics section of the mall and scouted around for the parts he needed for his little project. After an hour we met up again walked around to look at more Naruto items in an Anime store in the vicinity.

Snapping Memories

Sam believe it or not despite the many times she has appeared in magazines is still camera shy. Yup, she is still a very shy girl .. but her shyness does not stop me from snapping away to keep their precious memories alive .. fat chance! I just love taking candid pictures, catches the true emotions for the picture, i upload them on our ever reliable digital frame (one for each child .. hehehe!) and let it play over and over. Christian also has one in his desk in the office to remind him of how lucky he is to have three perfect children who love him with all their heart!

Busy As Ever

The kids just finished thier mastery exams in school the other week and are now taking in new lessons in preparation for their final exams this end of the month .. whew. I can hardly breathe from the battery of reviews then here comes another one. I am just lucky that that the three schoolers have no qualms studying ... it's actually just me who is taking the heap ... hahaha... because aside from reviewing them there are still daily assignments, household chores (the laundry seems to be following me everywhere i go!), design projets, facebook updates (hehehe!) gets me really pooped.I am also helping my sister search for online rent to own properties that she can invest on while she is still single so when the time comes she is ready and armed to face married life comfortably ... the financial aspect that is ... lol! I am also helping out my cousin with her online search for industrial supplies for her new business ... i think my staying in front of the computer really has a purpose .. to help get the information they need when they need it .... so that explains why i am busy as a spinning bee!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam At Nine

My second born Sam celebrates her birthday today ... yey!

I can't believe how time passed so fast ... i just a few years anothe rteenager will blossom before me eyes. I was talking to Christian yesterday and was saying how children nowadays mature faster, must be the fast paced kind of living. Can you imagine they already have their own facebook account (even my little five year old who shares the account with me .. lol!) to play Pet Society, Farmville and Yoville. They are really all computer savvy at a very early age, something that i did not experience when i was their age. They are really into the Pet Society game where they create a pet, make a home for it, buy it cool pet supplies from the many stores they have. Sam even asked for a few items she likes from the stores as birthday gifts to her ... so my paypal account has been very active in this activity ... hehehe!

Happy Birthday Sammie Girl and always remember that we love you very much! (yup, she reads my blog ... tee hee!)

To My Dismay

I can't believe it ... i really have a major problem here .. and this is something i cannot just shrug my shoulders and go on with my life ... i have to desperately lose belly fat fast! Must be my age ... my slowing metabolism? But the realization of it is very evident ... i have to do something about it .. and fast!

I caught a glimpse of my profile the other day while walking around the mall and was really suprised on how it has comfortably situated itself permanently on my belly ... hahaha!

Sit-ups, jogging, brisk walking ... anything that will remedy this bulging problem i will surely do. I look funny.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Judge Ellen

This just in ... Ellen de Generes is the fourth judge to complete the American Idol panel.

She will join Simon, Randy and Kara (yup, she is still in) during auditions. I wonder what kind of comments she will dish out everytime a classic contestant is before her.

This move can actually make or break her popularity ... she is doing mighty well in the talk show arena ... i wonder how she will fare here.

Something to watch out for.

Travel Secret

Christian is on the lookout for accessories to finally give his "best friend" some cool new stuff. He recently installed a portable dvd and mp3 player to keep him company during the long trek home and to withstand the rush hour madness.

The kids really love the television function because they don't miss out on their favorite show even wjen we are on the road. My favorite time in the car is my time to sleep ... hahaha .. yup, i do try to sneak in a few moments when the car is in motion, gives me a lulling effect ... lol!

Travelling is something my entire family loves, and it always surrounded with songs from three chirpy voices ... lullabies for me!


In as much as i would like to keep my kids young forever ... heheheh... the inevitable is still going to happen .. wether i like it or not ... hehehe!

Bea is rapidly transforming before my very eyes ... i have a tweener!

What more will validate this reality with a forming pimple (uh-oh), i was really surprised to see under her bangs the coming of teenage curse (over-acting here .. lol!) one small pimple is about to make its entrance. I used to have very bad skin and have tried different kinds of acne treatments when i was in my teenage years. I wish i could shield them from having them, but i guess not. As of this morning i taught Bea how to wash with a mild liquid facial soap to keep her skin squeaky clean and oil free. I hope her skin does not break out like mine did ... it was the pits.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Performers All

Here are a few from a hundred of pictures of my three performers moments.

Bea and two other classmates of hers were the opening number .. was so proud of her! She danced so gracefully and it made me realize more on how she is becoming a lady right before my eyes. Sam my shy little girl danced the Pandanggo sa ilaw and a few few more numbers and Vin my Muslim warrior delivered as well. So proud of them!