Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last Friday my kids and i went Ice skating and we had so much fun! At first they were holding on to me for dear life then after a while they were on their own and going around the rink by themselves.

I remember when i was still single when i always skated with my Mom and my siblings to beat the brownouts that were plaguing Manila before. The ice was really a cool escape!

Now it is my kids (Bea and Sam only, Vin was with Christian at TimeZone)
that i share this cool activity.

They have been asking me to bring them there again .. i said yes, but not just yet, my legs are still sore .. heheheh, oldie!

Plus i promised my sister that i will help her shop for modern furniture for their new house this weekend. So, my skates will take a rest first and my legs too .. lol!

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