Friday, December 19, 2008

Record Breaking

I can't believe it myself ... i broke my record with my tumbler production!

Can you believe i was able to design, print, cut the shaped layout to fit the tumbler and gift wrap all 20 (yup, twenty!) tumblers in 10 hours! I started at 10:00 pm and finished at 8:00 am ... no sleep!

It has been a while since i last skipped sleep .. i usually sleep around 2:00 am ... but now i went all the way because the tumblers were due today. I did it!

I finished most of my orders for the holidays so starting today i will be slowing it down, i have requested my clients that i will be entertaining orders January 2009 and let the holidays pass me by so i can enjoy it more .. hehehe!

By the way Christian gave me an early Christmas gift ... a karaoke machine ... so here i am belting out a few songs (to the dismay of our neighbors .. hahaha!) .. even Bea and Sam enjoy singing, Christian got two extra wireless mikes too! He said he will be adding speakers to get the karaoke feel and have our tv up with TV wall mount that we see in karaoke bars ... wow! I am sure the kids (yes, and moi!) will enjoy endless singing sessions .. that is why i told Christian not to wrap the machine so we could use it right away ... just love hearing the kids sing ... not to mention our power duets! Hahaha!

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