Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gift Search Ending Soon

It so hard to buy Christian a gift ... of course i got him the usual polo shirts (which i know he already knows i always get that every year), shaving stuff (with Bea saying "Why do we always give him shaving thing Mama?" lol!), boxers and this time i got him something new ... a poratable car compressor. Even if i did not know anything about tire pressure i often see him checking on our tires from time to time .. this device i understand (from the salesperson's explanation) will supply the air for the tires by just plugging the socket to the car lighter socket ... sounds interesting .. so i bought it ... gullible me! I also got him a few thing for cleaning the car (hehehe!) and now i am looking as another gift. I will be going out to the mall again this afternoon, hopefully to finish my Christmas shopping. I have so many designs to do so i really have to get my shopping and wrapping done in a jiffy. Just a few more items and i am covered for the holidays! Yey me!

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