Friday, December 19, 2008

The Gift Of Song

This is Christian's gift to me ... after insisting that i do not need anything ... but when i saw it, told him not to wrap it and wait till Christmas day to use it ... hahaha!

The karaoke machine came with a microphone already, but knowing the kids and wires .. hehehe .. so he got extra wireless microphones to boot!

Came with a thick song booklet that will take me forever to browse into!

Bea and Sam gave their own list now, they copy the number (code) of their favorite songs so they don't have to look for it everytime ... wise!

39,800 songs!!!
Strepsils for me amd earplugs for our neighbors!
But seriously, when we sing we close all the windows and doors and do not sing at odd times .. hahaha!

Another gift i got from Christian was a full day hair rebonding treat! Yup, all seven hours of it .. he took care of the three kiddies and he paid for my rebonding, gift daw niya ... ok who am i to complain? Hehehe!

I am excited to see Christian and the kids faces when they open the gifts i got for them! Few more days to go!

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