Friday, December 26, 2008

First Christmas Gifts

It was December 24 and Christian was in the office (halfday) and the kids and i were home when Christian called me and said if the kids would like to go to their office because their department prepared some treats for the kids. I wasn't too keen on going since i wanted the kids to conserve their energy for the long day (estimated till 3:00 am activities) but he said a lot of his friends were asking where his kids were ... so i decided to bring the kids. I dressed them up and told them they could open one gift before we left (which by the way was done really fast because it was already 10:30 am) to perk them up ... hehehe! Was able to convince Vin to wait till later for his gift and just let Bea and Sam open one of their gifts.

Happy Smiles !

Here they are at the office after 30 minutes of travel time :)

A few of Christian's awards and recognition plaques

Yummy for Sammie girl!

They received a lot of treats, gifts and moolah! They were so excited and told me they should have been there earlier .. heheheh! They made a lot of friends and had a grand time running around Christian's office, while i sat down and surfed the net .. hahaha!

We passed by the mall for a few hours before we headed home.

Luckily, was able to coax them to take a much needed power nap. lol!

Then around 10:00 pm they opened all their gifts and then we headed to my mama's house for noche buena and opened more gifts!

This sure was a good year for us!

Wishing all my friends a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all!

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