Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today till tomorrow is Bea and Sam's exams.

The sad part is Sam is now down with fever. She woke me around four o'clock in the morning and when i touched her she was a little hot, i gave her some medicine and brught her back to the room. I stayed with her for about an hour and got ready na din for the morning prepartion for school. I was happy that when she woke up again at six, her fever was gone.

So she went to school to take her exams.

When she got down the bus i knew something was wrong. I touched her and she was hot. She even said that the test was long and she had no time to eat her recess. She really looked drained.

I gave her pizza for snack (her favorite) and gave her medicine.

I called the school and asked if it as okay for Sam to take the test another day if she still has fever tom ... and her teacher said "yes" .... so now is Sam asleep after having lunch. I really hope she gets better right away.

Here i am now reviewing Bea for the next round of tests tomorrow.

Vin on the other hand is playing with his power rangers aroung the room .. but happily he is playing quietly.

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