Monday, December 15, 2008

Drivin' Around

Vin is my partner when the girls are in school and when we go to the malls to do my things i always make it a point to do something for him (for the kids whenever we go out .. even just a short 15 minute playgound time) and we went to Market Market and i let him try the cars. He was first hesitant and was always asking me if his sisters are coming, he reallt misses them. i explained to him that he just tries it out firt and if it is nice we will bring the girls soon ... he smiled and pointed to a red car. After 2 rounds with the red car, he asked if he could try the yellow car .. since i only had two errands to do i said yes, gives us still so much time to make it home before the girls arrive from school.

I was able to accomplish so much that day ... my materials were easy to find, toy shopping for gifts, was able to buy a good fat burner after reading some Hydroxycut reviews the other day and still able to make it home 2 hours earlier than i thought. It was a good productive day!

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