Thursday, December 4, 2008


So happy that none of the kids are sick .. we just went through bouts of cough and cold and now we are all clear. Yey!

Now, we are always hitting the malls .. hahaha! Actually it is really me and Vin who are turning into mall rats as we leave even on weekdays to shop for presents while the girls are in school. We come back a few hours they come home, it is a race with the school bus.

But everytime we leave, i make sure to check everything since no one will be staying behind. Vin takes care of checking all the lights and the electric gans in both rooms while i check on the stove, shower faucets and electrical sockets to make sure everything is closed.

It has been a routine for us that i do not even ask Vin to do it but when i say "Let's go!" he would go straight to the fan and close it. Hehehe!

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