Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wave Board Attempt

Got the kids a Wave skateboard yesterday, its a long board with only two wheels and supposedly you don't have to let your feet touch the ground for you to move, just hip and leg movement will do the trick.

Have tried it a few times (ok, more than few .. herhehe!) and it is hard! Lol! I guess you can't teach old bones new tricks .. hahaha!

Will give it a spin later at Boni High during the new Year's countdown .. if only the rain lets up. It has been drizzling all day!

Happy New Year to all!

P. S. The picture of the board is not our board .... just got that from the net ... heheheh .. have not taken a photo of ours just yet and it is color red. Fiery! Hahahha!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Wishes For The New Year

From our family to yours .. may we all be blessed with good health and love all year round!
Have a safe New Year celebration!

This shot was taken from a lot of shots from our family photo shoot with the entire Avellana clan .. to see the other pictures click here

Good Health For 2009

It's almost New Year's Eve and the list of resolutions are starting to get long .. heheheh!

I have always stuck on my resolutions and really follow it to the letter, i am big on this! One of the things that tops the list is to live healthy amidst the Mc D burgers and fries, especially that my kids look up to me so will really strive to stick to healthy cooking to ensure my family's good health. Like they always say health is wealth!

Friday, December 26, 2008

First Christmas Gifts

It was December 24 and Christian was in the office (halfday) and the kids and i were home when Christian called me and said if the kids would like to go to their office because their department prepared some treats for the kids. I wasn't too keen on going since i wanted the kids to conserve their energy for the long day (estimated till 3:00 am activities) but he said a lot of his friends were asking where his kids were ... so i decided to bring the kids. I dressed them up and told them they could open one gift before we left (which by the way was done really fast because it was already 10:30 am) to perk them up ... hehehe! Was able to convince Vin to wait till later for his gift and just let Bea and Sam open one of their gifts.

Happy Smiles !

Here they are at the office after 30 minutes of travel time :)

A few of Christian's awards and recognition plaques

Yummy for Sammie girl!

They received a lot of treats, gifts and moolah! They were so excited and told me they should have been there earlier .. heheheh! They made a lot of friends and had a grand time running around Christian's office, while i sat down and surfed the net .. hahaha!

We passed by the mall for a few hours before we headed home.

Luckily, was able to coax them to take a much needed power nap. lol!

Then around 10:00 pm they opened all their gifts and then we headed to my mama's house for noche buena and opened more gifts!

This sure was a good year for us!

Wishing all my friends a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all!

Family Tree

Made this magnetic family tree for my mama! She loved it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Overnight Work

These personalized tumblers are my badges that anything is possible ... as long as you set your mind, you can do it.

20 tumblers from 10:00 pm till 8:00 am .... individually thought of a design for each one of them, lay out the design, resizing, printing. cutting, inserting, boxed them and wrapped them too ... check!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Gift Of Song

This is Christian's gift to me ... after insisting that i do not need anything ... but when i saw it, told him not to wrap it and wait till Christmas day to use it ... hahaha!

The karaoke machine came with a microphone already, but knowing the kids and wires .. hehehe .. so he got extra wireless microphones to boot!

Came with a thick song booklet that will take me forever to browse into!

Bea and Sam gave their own list now, they copy the number (code) of their favorite songs so they don't have to look for it everytime ... wise!

39,800 songs!!!
Strepsils for me amd earplugs for our neighbors!
But seriously, when we sing we close all the windows and doors and do not sing at odd times .. hahaha!

Another gift i got from Christian was a full day hair rebonding treat! Yup, all seven hours of it .. he took care of the three kiddies and he paid for my rebonding, gift daw niya ... ok who am i to complain? Hehehe!

I am excited to see Christian and the kids faces when they open the gifts i got for them! Few more days to go!

Record Breaking

I can't believe it myself ... i broke my record with my tumbler production!

Can you believe i was able to design, print, cut the shaped layout to fit the tumbler and gift wrap all 20 (yup, twenty!) tumblers in 10 hours! I started at 10:00 pm and finished at 8:00 am ... no sleep!

It has been a while since i last skipped sleep .. i usually sleep around 2:00 am ... but now i went all the way because the tumblers were due today. I did it!

I finished most of my orders for the holidays so starting today i will be slowing it down, i have requested my clients that i will be entertaining orders January 2009 and let the holidays pass me by so i can enjoy it more .. hehehe!

By the way Christian gave me an early Christmas gift ... a karaoke machine ... so here i am belting out a few songs (to the dismay of our neighbors .. hahaha!) .. even Bea and Sam enjoy singing, Christian got two extra wireless mikes too! He said he will be adding speakers to get the karaoke feel and have our tv up with TV wall mount that we see in karaoke bars ... wow! I am sure the kids (yes, and moi!) will enjoy endless singing sessions .. that is why i told Christian not to wrap the machine so we could use it right away ... just love hearing the kids sing ... not to mention our power duets! Hahaha!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Stage Actor

This was in today's Inquirer newspaper .. Christian called me and told me the news .. i searched the net and found it .. this is actually the short version of the article. To read the entire write up i included a link at the bottom.

So proud of my papa! He is truly the best in my book .. always happy to know he ranks top among other books as well ... :)


Best of Theater 2008
By Gibbs Cadiz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:40:00 12/15/2008

IT wasn’t the best of times, it wasn’t the worst of times. Put another way, it was more of the same for the Manila theater scene in 2008.

The contradictions are striking: The most lavish production to set up shop this year, Broadway Asia’s “Cinderella,” played to packed houses right up to its closing show, even with premium tickets that went as high as P7,000—the steepest prices for a Manila musical in recent memory.

Other musicals, such as Stages’ “West Side Story,” Atlantis Productions’ “Hairspray” and Repertory Philippines’ long-running children’s show “Mulan,” also did well despite—or perhaps because of—the tough times. Pricier tickets notwithstanding, musical extravaganzas are often seen as a feel-good respite from the bleak world just outside the theater doors.

As always, drama companies offering more probing, serious fare can’t hold a candle to that. The 13-year-old New Voice Company, for instance, failed to mount a season play this year—a first in its history. Its only offering was a special one-night (though star-studded) event featuring a retread of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues.”

Actor’s Actors’ Inc., which had a late-breaking production last year with “Children’s Letters to God,” was nowhere on the calendar in 2008. Tanghalang Pilipino, meanwhile, scaled back its season productions from four to three—though it did have a surprise hit in David Henry Hwang’s “The Golden Child,” which it successfully marketed to schools and the Chinese-Filipino community.

Overall, a hit-and-miss record, but something not dissimilar to previous years’. Theater will plod along, it’s clear—an oddly comforting reminder, given how the economic malaise, abetted by the continuing fragmentation of pop culture and entertainment, has steadily elbowed theater to the margins.

Here’s a round-up of the best of Manila theater in 2008. Anything put on stage that we could watch (given the vagaries of time and work constraints), we watched—the breadth of talent and imagination on display always a balm of hope.

(Disclosure: We failed to catch Gantimpala Theater’s “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing” and Tanghalang Ateneo’s “The Death of Memory,” both of which won Aliw Awards [for Best Musical and Best Play, respectively] this year. Their non-inclusion here is not a judgment on their merits.)

Best Actor-Play

José Mari Avellana (“Tuesdays with Morrie”). A magnificent performance that embraced big emotions without a shred of pulp or sentimentality, rendering his dying professor’s character all the more indelible in your memory.

Honorable mentions: Mario O’Hara (“Kudeta”); Joe Gruta and Dido de la Paz (“Mga Gerilya sa Powell Street”); Teroy Guzman and Nonie Buencamino (“Otelo, ang Moro ng Venecia”); Art Acuña (“The Golden Child”); Joey Paras and Arnold Reyes (“Ang Bayot, ang Meranao, at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakakabagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte”); Bart Guingona (“Tuesdays With Morrie”); Dante Balois (“Hiblang Abo”); Richard Cunanan (“Slipped Disc: A Study of the Upright Walk”); Jonathan Tadioan (“Pamantasang Hirang”); Vince de Jesus (“Couture”); Kalil Almonte (“Baclofen”)

Complete article here

Drivin' Around

Vin is my partner when the girls are in school and when we go to the malls to do my things i always make it a point to do something for him (for the kids whenever we go out .. even just a short 15 minute playgound time) and we went to Market Market and i let him try the cars. He was first hesitant and was always asking me if his sisters are coming, he reallt misses them. i explained to him that he just tries it out firt and if it is nice we will bring the girls soon ... he smiled and pointed to a red car. After 2 rounds with the red car, he asked if he could try the yellow car .. since i only had two errands to do i said yes, gives us still so much time to make it home before the girls arrive from school.

I was able to accomplish so much that day ... my materials were easy to find, toy shopping for gifts, was able to buy a good fat burner after reading some Hydroxycut reviews the other day and still able to make it home 2 hours earlier than i thought. It was a good productive day!

Fave Activity

Sam's Burger Smile!

Aside from going to the mall and hitting the playgrounds and Timezones our favorite activity and to while away out time is .. EATING! We try and check out diffrenet places to eat but it is never complete without a quick snack at McD! If you will notice i have a lot of pictures of us eating at McD .. hehehe! I actually have to watch what i eat and not just binge on yummy burges, fries and shakes! Yum! Just thinking about it makes me hungry. But when push come to shove i can always rely on Anoretix, a reliable and effective diet pill to put me back on track ,, so really no worries! Let's all eat band be merry! Hahaha!

Hotel Search

Next year is the year where we travel, and everyones coming! Wow! I am so excited and so are the kids! My sisters and i are really scouring the net for the best hotel in las vegas to make our stay perfect. We have to get the one who offers the best deal from amenities, location and price range since we are a big group so we want to make sure our accomodations is arranged online so we know where we are going as soon as we arrive from the airport.There are a lot of options so my sisters and i are going to make a decision come weekend during our power meetings! Hehehe!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Today till tomorrow is Bea and Sam's exams.

The sad part is Sam is now down with fever. She woke me around four o'clock in the morning and when i touched her she was a little hot, i gave her some medicine and brught her back to the room. I stayed with her for about an hour and got ready na din for the morning prepartion for school. I was happy that when she woke up again at six, her fever was gone.

So she went to school to take her exams.

When she got down the bus i knew something was wrong. I touched her and she was hot. She even said that the test was long and she had no time to eat her recess. She really looked drained.

I gave her pizza for snack (her favorite) and gave her medicine.

I called the school and asked if it as okay for Sam to take the test another day if she still has fever tom ... and her teacher said "yes" .... so now is Sam asleep after having lunch. I really hope she gets better right away.

Here i am now reviewing Bea for the next round of tests tomorrow.

Vin on the other hand is playing with his power rangers aroung the room .. but happily he is playing quietly.

Too much

So many things to do .. so little time.

I am at the moment up to my neck with design work ... plus my daughters exams ... Christmas shopping ... and wrapping.

My time management skills are really put to the test!

It's almost weekend .. yey!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Gift

Here is my sister Loren with my gift .. hehehe! She loved it! So happy that she liked it!

With my two pretty sisters while having dinner