Friday, November 21, 2008



This goes without saying really .. but i want to say it .... and blog about it ... TGIF!!!

Like a kid out from school i just thrive on Fridays!

Side kwento:
I was working on severeal projects with overseas clients so there is a time diffrential ... in other words puyat ako kaka-negotiate and discuss with the designs .. i woke up late for Bea and Sam's school time ... uh-oh.

I woke na parang gulat .. hehehehe ... i know other mommies can relate to this feeling , yung para kang mahuhulog sa kama ... so well walang sinabi ang bilis ko kung cocompare kay Tasmanian ... hehehe, but still the kids are late .... one full hour. I asked Christian to take both girls to their classrooms and talk to the teacher and explain that it was indeed my fault why the kids were terribly (one subject) late. I was kinda tinkering on the idea of not letting them go, but i remebered they have quizzes during Fridays ... and the saying "Better late than never" was my motto at the time.

After they left i baked some pizza (oven toaster lang naman) relieved and guilty at the same time munched away on the computer. Will take the kids out later when they get home .. kaya happy na uli ako!

Happy Friday everyone!

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