Sunday, November 9, 2008

Surprise Ticket

Last week whil i was walking around the mall i saw a newly set up table with a poster of Manny Paquiao and Dela Hoya ... i went near it and asked what it was for. They were pre-selling guranteed seats for the Big Dream Match for December and the match starts at 8:00 am .

I decided to get a ticket for Christian as a surprise gift as he was such a big fan of boxing ... luckily the girl said i was the very first one to buy so i could actually pick THE BEST seat ... heheheh .. sucker! So there i was paying for it and like a happy content cow put the ticket in my bag.

When the kids and i met up with Christian i was excited to tell him ... but controlled myself.

When we got home i slipped the ticket inside his wallet without him knowing it and when he opened it the next morning he was really surprised! I saw him looking puzzled with the card at first .. he put it out and tried to read the fine print .. then he looked at me and with a big smile he said "Wow, you shouldn't have ..." but was really smiling ear to ear .. hahaha!

It sure was a good surprise for my boxing fanatic partner!


On the sly ... it was actually a sure way to get him to finish the match right away and we can leave for the mall because the match is live with no commercial breaks .. so it will be over befoe lunch time .. yey, i still have my driver free in the afternoon ... heheheh! I actually hit two birds with one ticket! lol!

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