Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Secret

Sssshhh ....

This is what i have been keeping me occupied whenever i have some free time on my hands. Finally, i am back to one of my first loves ... i am reading again! I just love to read and even if i know it has a movie version out i still opt to read the old reliable back-to-basics textbooks over the much hype and fast movie. Reading gives me more control over what i want information i want at the moment and pick up on it with the same intensity as when i left the page. I understand and digest the meaning more if i read it than just hear and see it from a movie ... in reading there reakky is no missed scenes .. you capture them all in your imagination ... and that is ther beauty of reading really. I wish i had more time to read though ... but i will just take what i have at the present and revel in the magic of reading.

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