Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Network Down

I was at the Fort last Sunday night and it was a sight to behold!

The streets were filled with cars, bumper to bumper ... people were in droves .... queues at restaurants were spilling out the door ... people were walking, sitting, camping (hahha!) just about anywhere there was an open space to do just that.

The Rhianna concert just finished and everyone was still in the feeling of giddiness from the experience that they did not want to go home ... just yet.

I was looking at the people ... and the common thing they all had in their hands ... their cellphones! Some were texting, some were calling, some were already deep in the conversation and some were just fidgeting and holding it up in the air whenever they see someone they know in the crowd. All those people .. all those fingers pressing the "Call" and "send" button at the same time got the best of the network companies ... and yes i always got the message "Network busy" .... it sure was!

But you know, i don't think it bothered anyone that the network was down since they were all busy looking around and shouting names of their friends that happen to be at the concert too ... it was like having a mini reunion of some sort. You could hear them saying "Hey, you look so good!" .. "Who are you with? You are looking great!" and so on. I heard one of thems say that she is forevere on a diet and was taking some fat burners to keep her figure svelte. I guess it worked because everyone looked good .. smiling and hugging each other and having a good time amidst the clogged network. Nobody semed to mind.

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