Monday, November 24, 2008

Gift Dilemna

I can't believe the weekend flew by so fast!

Christimas shopping really is more challenging now than it was before ... i was looking at the things for my girls and i don't know what to buy for them anymore. I always ask them what they want and both of them say "anything Mama .. we have all we want already .." this should actually be music to my ears .. but this gives me nothing to work on ... hehehe!

I know Bea loves to do anything with her hands ... and she loves clay (and our floor/tiles can attest to this .. hahaha) Sam loves fixing herself up and Bratz dolls (but we already have the complete gang and with some "friends"), they have tons of Barbies too.

I got Bea a children's scrabble, Sam a barbie head that she can groom, Barbie dolls, clay sets and small doll house .... what else can i buy? Oh, i got a bracelet making kit also .. still looking for arts and craft kits that will keep them busy.

Vin i have no trouble at all .. it's cars .. cars .. and cars! I also go him some Spiderman and Power Ranger things . was able to buy an educational mini laptop, cars in a parking lot set up and a few game things, also i got him his long time request of a Tomy tractor that goes around the tracks and changes into diffrent machines. So Vin is already finished .. maybe a few small things na lang. oh, got him motorcycle toys din pala. The nice thing about Vin is he has no interest on toy guns .. i would show it to him and press the trigger and he will hear the sound and the lights and he would look away right away as if bored .. hahahha! So no guns for present .. peace lover! lol!

So my shopping is geared towards the girls .. and hopefully i finish everything before December kick in as my design biz has been getting a lot of orders ... i hardly have time to wrap the present yet.

It's a busy season ... my shopping has to be done by next week .. tops! Goodluck to me!

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