Thursday, November 6, 2008

Before The Halloween Event

The kids had their halloween trick or treat at Christian's office .. it has been like this for so many years. It usually is scheduled on a weekday so the girls still had school in the morning, i wait for them then we all go to the nearest mall to meet up with Christian.

Here we are about to take our lunch while waiting for Christian.

There has been so many things going on this past weeks that i really have so much thing to blog about. So many activities!

I have had many design work as well and have been under the weather for a few days .. but of course that is no excuse .. so it did not stay long .. got scared of me .. hahaha!

Now that the halloween, girl's exams and school program is done i have the time to sit down and finally look at the home owner insurance that has been long been waiting for my undivided attention. I will really give this some serious time and do this before the week ends .. four more days to go for my self imposed deadline! Hahaha!

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