Thursday, November 6, 2008

At The Halloween

This year's theme was "Fantaserye", so all the kids were requested to come in fantasy-inspired costumes .. so what more could be more appropriate but fairies .. easy as pie!

Vin did not like to wear any costume and said he was not joining and that he only want to come in as "Vin", hahaha! So i just slipped him on an Incredibles Tshirt and jeans and he was all set to go. Hehehe!

Their nametags (at the back are the contact details of the parents) though we went along the the entire trick or treating activity where they visited different stations (departments ) in the two buildings (adjoining) where they watched small role play and treated to lots of candies , toys and balloons!

These are the actual costumes of GMA 7 Mulawin show ... they borrowed it from the wardrobe department :)

They sure had fun .. no scary bone inside tem this year .. they so loved the theme and loved the costumes of the people that is why they cant resist not having their pictures taken!

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