Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Means

Now that the Christmas rush is starting it's wrath on my wallet .. but i don't mind really ... i just love buying things i know my family and friends will like .. but we can never discount the fact that is creating a big hole on my wallet .. hahaha! I have been thinking of ways to make more so i can spend more .. hehehe!

That is the reality cycle i guess .. we make more so we can have the ability to spend more .. how ironic. Oh well, i have started searching the net for online work since i am practically "online" 24/7 and have found online trading a possible way to increase my income while staying home. I am studying all the angles and learning the ropes before i dive in .. the internet really poses a lot of opportunities and possibilities to earn, you just have to be wary and study the system before going into it.

Here's to more income!

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