Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Bea had a slight fever when i woke them up this morning ... sad.

Sam too was sad that she would be in school on her own, she really misses her Ate and always says that Bea really looks out for her, so major ang absent day ni Bea for Sam. But was able to turn things around when Vin woke earlier than usual and volunteered if he could go with Christian to bring Sam to school. Sam excitedly briefed Vin on her classmates and seating arrangement in the car .. hahaha!

Bea is better now, good thing i let her rest the day off at home. She is playing with Vin in the other room ... i am thinking of taking them to the mall later when Sam arrives at 2:30pm, gives Bea a chance to get fresh air (fresh air in the mall??!!! Oh well ..)and break the sick feeling.

I know she will be better later .. so back to school tomorrow.

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