Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Bea had a slight fever when i woke them up this morning ... sad.

Sam too was sad that she would be in school on her own, she really misses her Ate and always says that Bea really looks out for her, so major ang absent day ni Bea for Sam. But was able to turn things around when Vin woke earlier than usual and volunteered if he could go with Christian to bring Sam to school. Sam excitedly briefed Vin on her classmates and seating arrangement in the car .. hahaha!

Bea is better now, good thing i let her rest the day off at home. She is playing with Vin in the other room ... i am thinking of taking them to the mall later when Sam arrives at 2:30pm, gives Bea a chance to get fresh air (fresh air in the mall??!!! Oh well ..)and break the sick feeling.

I know she will be better later .. so back to school tomorrow.

A Different Look

I was trying different ways to make my pictures more eye catching and different and i came up with this ... i so love the look! I particularly like the shaded parts where it looked like it had so many levels and depth, gives the picture more character. I remember when i used to sit-in my sister's interior designing classes and learn a few things from it i know this picture in a frame would be perfect with Moroccan decor as it also has some kind of character in it's pieces. You can easily tell if its Moroccan decor because of it's distinct color and the richness of each design, totally diffrerent from others and a real conversational piece in your home. A must have really!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tumbler Layout

Made this tumbler project for Christian's gift .. this shows the kids having a grand time last summer at the beach .. hopefully with this vison all the time he can spearhead another outing to Boracay! Conditioning the summer ahead with this casual Christmas gift .. hahaha! Speaking of beach outings, in as much as i want to wear a two piece (lol!) my middle part is a bit bigger than other parts of my body and that's putting it subtly .. hahha! So i am looking at ways to trim it down before summer, there is actually an alli review
that i have been reading about and it looks promising. I will really make sure i have a good figure by summer since i am already working on Christian's subconcious as early as Christmas!

Gift Dilemna

I can't believe the weekend flew by so fast!

Christimas shopping really is more challenging now than it was before ... i was looking at the things for my girls and i don't know what to buy for them anymore. I always ask them what they want and both of them say "anything Mama .. we have all we want already .." this should actually be music to my ears .. but this gives me nothing to work on ... hehehe!

I know Bea loves to do anything with her hands ... and she loves clay (and our floor/tiles can attest to this .. hahaha) Sam loves fixing herself up and Bratz dolls (but we already have the complete gang and with some "friends"), they have tons of Barbies too.

I got Bea a children's scrabble, Sam a barbie head that she can groom, Barbie dolls, clay sets and small doll house .... what else can i buy? Oh, i got a bracelet making kit also .. still looking for arts and craft kits that will keep them busy.

Vin i have no trouble at all .. it's cars .. cars .. and cars! I also go him some Spiderman and Power Ranger things . was able to buy an educational mini laptop, cars in a parking lot set up and a few game things, also i got him his long time request of a Tomy tractor that goes around the tracks and changes into diffrent machines. So Vin is already finished .. maybe a few small things na lang. oh, got him motorcycle toys din pala. The nice thing about Vin is he has no interest on toy guns .. i would show it to him and press the trigger and he will hear the sound and the lights and he would look away right away as if bored .. hahahha! So no guns for present .. peace lover! lol!

So my shopping is geared towards the girls .. and hopefully i finish everything before December kick in as my design biz has been getting a lot of orders ... i hardly have time to wrap the present yet.

It's a busy season ... my shopping has to be done by next week .. tops! Goodluck to me!

Friday, November 21, 2008



This goes without saying really .. but i want to say it .... and blog about it ... TGIF!!!

Like a kid out from school i just thrive on Fridays!

Side kwento:
I was working on severeal projects with overseas clients so there is a time diffrential ... in other words puyat ako kaka-negotiate and discuss with the designs .. i woke up late for Bea and Sam's school time ... uh-oh.

I woke na parang gulat .. hehehehe ... i know other mommies can relate to this feeling , yung para kang mahuhulog sa kama ... so well walang sinabi ang bilis ko kung cocompare kay Tasmanian ... hehehe, but still the kids are late .... one full hour. I asked Christian to take both girls to their classrooms and talk to the teacher and explain that it was indeed my fault why the kids were terribly (one subject) late. I was kinda tinkering on the idea of not letting them go, but i remebered they have quizzes during Fridays ... and the saying "Better late than never" was my motto at the time.

After they left i baked some pizza (oven toaster lang naman) relieved and guilty at the same time munched away on the computer. Will take the kids out later when they get home .. kaya happy na uli ako!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goodbye Swimsuits

A last look at the sun suits of the kids

All these swimsuits were washed and all put away in the bottom drawer as the chilly air has been around for some days.

Goodbye summer .. hello winter .. hahahha! As if!

Another Means

Now that the Christmas rush is starting it's wrath on my wallet .. but i don't mind really ... i just love buying things i know my family and friends will like .. but we can never discount the fact that is creating a big hole on my wallet .. hahaha! I have been thinking of ways to make more so i can spend more .. hehehe!

That is the reality cycle i guess .. we make more so we can have the ability to spend more .. how ironic. Oh well, i have started searching the net for online work since i am practically "online" 24/7 and have found online trading a possible way to increase my income while staying home. I am studying all the angles and learning the ropes before i dive in .. the internet really poses a lot of opportunities and possibilities to earn, you just have to be wary and study the system before going into it.

Here's to more income!

The Secret

Sssshhh ....

This is what i have been keeping me occupied whenever i have some free time on my hands. Finally, i am back to one of my first loves ... i am reading again! I just love to read and even if i know it has a movie version out i still opt to read the old reliable back-to-basics textbooks over the much hype and fast movie. Reading gives me more control over what i want information i want at the moment and pick up on it with the same intensity as when i left the page. I understand and digest the meaning more if i read it than just hear and see it from a movie ... in reading there reakky is no missed scenes .. you capture them all in your imagination ... and that is ther beauty of reading really. I wish i had more time to read though ... but i will just take what i have at the present and revel in the magic of reading.

Network Down

I was at the Fort last Sunday night and it was a sight to behold!

The streets were filled with cars, bumper to bumper ... people were in droves .... queues at restaurants were spilling out the door ... people were walking, sitting, camping (hahha!) just about anywhere there was an open space to do just that.

The Rhianna concert just finished and everyone was still in the feeling of giddiness from the experience that they did not want to go home ... just yet.

I was looking at the people ... and the common thing they all had in their hands ... their cellphones! Some were texting, some were calling, some were already deep in the conversation and some were just fidgeting and holding it up in the air whenever they see someone they know in the crowd. All those people .. all those fingers pressing the "Call" and "send" button at the same time got the best of the network companies ... and yes i always got the message "Network busy" .... it sure was!

But you know, i don't think it bothered anyone that the network was down since they were all busy looking around and shouting names of their friends that happen to be at the concert too ... it was like having a mini reunion of some sort. You could hear them saying "Hey, you look so good!" .. "Who are you with? You are looking great!" and so on. I heard one of thems say that she is forevere on a diet and was taking some fat burners to keep her figure svelte. I guess it worked because everyone looked good .. smiling and hugging each other and having a good time amidst the clogged network. Nobody semed to mind.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Surprise Ticket

Last week whil i was walking around the mall i saw a newly set up table with a poster of Manny Paquiao and Dela Hoya ... i went near it and asked what it was for. They were pre-selling guranteed seats for the Big Dream Match for December and the match starts at 8:00 am .

I decided to get a ticket for Christian as a surprise gift as he was such a big fan of boxing ... luckily the girl said i was the very first one to buy so i could actually pick THE BEST seat ... heheheh .. sucker! So there i was paying for it and like a happy content cow put the ticket in my bag.

When the kids and i met up with Christian i was excited to tell him ... but controlled myself.

When we got home i slipped the ticket inside his wallet without him knowing it and when he opened it the next morning he was really surprised! I saw him looking puzzled with the card at first .. he put it out and tried to read the fine print .. then he looked at me and with a big smile he said "Wow, you shouldn't have ..." but was really smiling ear to ear .. hahaha!

It sure was a good surprise for my boxing fanatic partner!


On the sly ... it was actually a sure way to get him to finish the match right away and we can leave for the mall because the match is live with no commercial breaks .. so it will be over befoe lunch time .. yey, i still have my driver free in the afternoon ... heheheh! I actually hit two birds with one ticket! lol!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

After The Halloween

Started at 1:30, ended at 4:30.. this includes registering, trick or treating parade to the different floors and buildings, eating at the Podium ... whew! My toes really were crying their nails off .. hahaha! What a mom has to endure .. but when you see the kids enjoying themselves you forget about your toe and leg problems .. hehehe!

The kid's loot!

"Mama, please open .."

Hamming it up after the event .. waiting for Christian to wrap up his work .. heheh!

Happy Halloween ... till next year!

At The Halloween

This year's theme was "Fantaserye", so all the kids were requested to come in fantasy-inspired costumes .. so what more could be more appropriate but fairies .. easy as pie!

Vin did not like to wear any costume and said he was not joining and that he only want to come in as "Vin", hahaha! So i just slipped him on an Incredibles Tshirt and jeans and he was all set to go. Hehehe!

Their nametags (at the back are the contact details of the parents) though we went along the the entire trick or treating activity where they visited different stations (departments ) in the two buildings (adjoining) where they watched small role play and treated to lots of candies , toys and balloons!

These are the actual costumes of GMA 7 Mulawin show ... they borrowed it from the wardrobe department :)

They sure had fun .. no scary bone inside tem this year .. they so loved the theme and loved the costumes of the people that is why they cant resist not having their pictures taken!

Before The Halloween Event

The kids had their halloween trick or treat at Christian's office .. it has been like this for so many years. It usually is scheduled on a weekday so the girls still had school in the morning, i wait for them then we all go to the nearest mall to meet up with Christian.

Here we are about to take our lunch while waiting for Christian.

There has been so many things going on this past weeks that i really have so much thing to blog about. So many activities!

I have had many design work as well and have been under the weather for a few days .. but of course that is no excuse .. so it did not stay long .. got scared of me .. hahaha!

Now that the halloween, girl's exams and school program is done i have the time to sit down and finally look at the home owner insurance that has been long been waiting for my undivided attention. I will really give this some serious time and do this before the week ends .. four more days to go for my self imposed deadline! Hahaha!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There Is Always A First

Saw this news:

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation's first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. "Change has come," he told a jubilant hometown Chicago crowd estimated at nearly a quarter-million people.

The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, the Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his historic triumph by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hard-fought battleground statesOhio, Florida, Iowa and more. He captured Virginia, too, the first candidate of his party in 44 years to do so.

On a night for Democrats to savor, they not only elected Obama the nation's 44th president but padded their majorities in the House and Senate, and in January will control both the White House and Congress for the first time since 1994.

A survey of voters leaving polling places showed the economy was by far the top Election Day issue. Six in 10 voters said so, and none of the other top issues — energy, Iraq, terrorism and health care — was picked by more than one in 10.