Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend Again!


It sure was a fast week.

It was as usual ... busy!

There were ups and downs.

The downs first ... Bea and Sam had severe bouts of cough which made them miss few days of school. Down .. Vin had the sniffles and slight fever. Down .. my long nails got chipped which prompted me to cut them short again. And yet another Down ... all my day's worth of laundry got soaked in the rain, when we left and i did not anticipate the rain and so when we got back it was drenched, had to redo it. sob. sniff. all the hardwork .. to waste.

Now the Ups! Yey!
The girls are a lot better now (with a few small coughing bouts na lang) and they are now in school. They have nice parts in their school musical and they are excited as well! Sam is getting more good grades and it really is a happy welcome evrytime she steps out of the bus, her tespaper on hand! Vin is really gaining weight as his appetite is growing, getting hevaier by the minute ... but still has some moments of "Mama, can you carry me for a while?" .. heheh! Another Up ... i have a lot of work and i finished them all! Up ... have more designs and clients to work on for next week, but again all is under control and within schedule. Uppers ... Chrsitian is happy even if i bombard him wit errands for meet ups and deliveries even during his office hours .. hahaha! Up again .. it's Friday!

Our weekends are really filled up again .. we might sleep in my mom's house tonight. Finishing my work for today to schedule deliveried over the weekend. Ghristian has bowling tomorrow morning at megamall .. so thinking if i should go with him and stroll around .. hmmm ... oh, found a nice smoothing serum for the hair .. can't wait to buy a bottle!


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