Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Activities


It's nearing the weekend!

I just love it!

There are many things that i have to accomplish though... but love it all the same!
Here are some of the things .. top of my head list ...

Go see my dentist for some xray (scared! hahaha!)
Meet up with an visiting overseas client on Sunday (with rush orders)
Buy a second computer for the girls
Scout for sturdy computer desks for Bea and Sam
Deliver tarpaulin and invites (Christian will do this .. hehe)
Watch HSM3 with the girls
Go to Tutuban (Yehey!)
Buy jeans for Christian
Buy rubbershoes with wheels for the girls (they have outgrown their old ones)
Have a facial (i wonder how i will squeeze in a two hour hiatus ... hmmm) this will have to wait ..

What is your weekend schedule?

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