Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vin's First Visit

Bea and Sam have regular visits to the dentist, all for checking and cleaning, scheduled every six months, while Vin just looked on. I have asked him a few times if he wanted to have the dentist check his teeth, but he said "no", so i never pushed it nor bribed him to do it.

So last week when the girls were scheduled for cleaning, he suddenly said "Mama, can i go first?" ... i waited it to sink in and without making a fuss about it i said "hmmm...okay, and then Ate Bea and then Ate sam" as if it was one of the ME FIRST MAMA scenario.

So when we got there i said, "So who is first?" and Vin said "Me, mama!" ... so off he went to the chair .. was really tempted to let him sit on my lap like when we were younger, buti na lang di ko nagawa, para this will not be a habit ... so he sat down with no fuss and i stayed in front of the chair and looked at him.

I was one proud Momma!

I strongly suggest my fellow mommies to take care of their children's teeth so when they have their visit to the dentis it will not be traumatic but a happy one!

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