Monday, October 27, 2008


Vin and i came from the mall two days ago and hurriedly went home because the girls might be coming home from school .. when i realized i forgot to bring our key!

I remember unlocking the gate lock and going back in close the lights by the stairs and there i must have hanged the key (out of habit) in it's holder .. before rushing out again and locking the door behind me.

So there we were, with tons of bags and ice cream melting ... and no key.

Luckily, our neighbor was by their gate and i asked for help ... and told him that he could just push the door and destroy the lock if he has to as i really was not keen on getting a locksmith to do it ... having the knowledge that someone can open it without the original key gives me the creeps.

So he huffed and puffed and blew our door open ... yey!

Gave him a box of leche flan .. hahaha!

Now, called Christian to tell im about it, and told him i will now be on the net surfing for good door hardware to replace the door knobs. It has been two days and our doorknob has not been replaced ... uh-oh.

Maybe when Christian comes home he can have it fixed right away ... my bad.

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