Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sporty Invite

This is their invite, and it had an Olympic Sporty Theme ... they were asked to come in their sport attire. Christian was always "The Bowler", so i thought it would be a change to come differently. I looked around for Harley parts so he can show support to the motorcycle sport .. for a change! There were actually a lot of choices and it really good to experiment .. i heard the girl awardees even went to buy entire tennic outfits for the night!

The verdict: He went to the awards night in his bowler outfit ... predictable. In fairness, he was one of the finalists, he said he even wore his wrist/hand aparatus ... so there!

I told him he should have come as Michael Phelps, and when he receives the award he takes off his bathrobe and reveal his trunks .. hahahha!

His way too conservative ... maybe that's why i love him so!

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