Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gifts Brainstorming

I have started to list down the gifts the kiddies want to receive this Christmas. The girls are easy, it's usually Bratz, Barbies and Arts and Craft thingies. Piece of cake!

Vin on the other hand shifts from time to time ... but one things remains still .. it is his love for the color "red"! So may it ba a truck, a car or shirt his eyes light up seeing the new shiny thing in .. red!

Look at this nice red number, now that he is four he is ready for some rc helicopters this Christmas. He sure would have a fun time bonding with Christian when they take this out in the fields. They sure would have a blast .. while we girls would look and cheer on ... but knowing Bea it would just take a few minutes before she asks for a turn to handle the controller ... hahaha!

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