Monday, October 27, 2008

A to Z Tag

Tagged by Rocks, thanks!

A. Attached or single? Attached

B. Best friend? Yes.
C. Cake or pie? I'll go for cake.
D. Day of choice? Saturday
E. Essential item? Cellphone
F. Favorite color? Black
G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears
H. Hometown? Manila Girl
I. Favorite indulgence? Facial
J. January or July? January! Start Anew
K. Kids? Three
L. Life isn’t complete without? My family
M. Marriage date? May 24, 1997
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: One
O. Oranges or apples? Orange
P. Phobias? Ghosts .. heheheh!
Q. Quotes? Seize the day!
R. Reasons to smile? Waking up to a new day surrounded with the people i love
S. Season of choice? Summer
T. Tag 5 people. Suzanne, Carol, Jody, Jacque and Peachy
U. Unknown fact about me? Tv Commercials can make me cry .. boo-hoo
V. Vegetable? Cucumber
W. Worst habit? taking in more than i can handle
X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasound
Y. Your favorite foods? Tempura, Yakiniku, Pizza, Cheeseburger and Milk Shakes
Z. Zodiac sign? Leo .. Roar!


Vin and i came from the mall two days ago and hurriedly went home because the girls might be coming home from school .. when i realized i forgot to bring our key!

I remember unlocking the gate lock and going back in close the lights by the stairs and there i must have hanged the key (out of habit) in it's holder .. before rushing out again and locking the door behind me.

So there we were, with tons of bags and ice cream melting ... and no key.

Luckily, our neighbor was by their gate and i asked for help ... and told him that he could just push the door and destroy the lock if he has to as i really was not keen on getting a locksmith to do it ... having the knowledge that someone can open it without the original key gives me the creeps.

So he huffed and puffed and blew our door open ... yey!

Gave him a box of leche flan .. hahaha!

Now, called Christian to tell im about it, and told him i will now be on the net surfing for good door hardware to replace the door knobs. It has been two days and our doorknob has not been replaced ... uh-oh.

Maybe when Christian comes home he can have it fixed right away ... my bad.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend Activities


It's nearing the weekend!

I just love it!

There are many things that i have to accomplish though... but love it all the same!
Here are some of the things .. top of my head list ...

Go see my dentist for some xray (scared! hahaha!)
Meet up with an visiting overseas client on Sunday (with rush orders)
Buy a second computer for the girls
Scout for sturdy computer desks for Bea and Sam
Deliver tarpaulin and invites (Christian will do this .. hehe)
Watch HSM3 with the girls
Go to Tutuban (Yehey!)
Buy jeans for Christian
Buy rubbershoes with wheels for the girls (they have outgrown their old ones)
Have a facial (i wonder how i will squeeze in a two hour hiatus ... hmmm) this will have to wait ..

What is your weekend schedule?

Ready for HSM3

My kiddies are excited to watch hsm3!

Promised them we will watch it on Saturday, since it's first screening day (Friday) we already have an activity for them .. all the same they are still soooo excited!

Vin does not want to watch it at the theater .. he said it's too loud .. so he will just play at the Timezone with Christian, while we girls hang out ... hahaha! He said he will just wait for the dvd .. and knowing the trend of the dvd ... that won't be a long wait. lol!

Old Pals

Just joined Melissa Avellana Baylosis's Facebook profile
and am so surprised to see a lotof mt old (as in very old, long time) friends and schoolmates! There are some people who have really changed their looks, some slimmed down while others had very clear complexions from what i remember them, they sure had great and effective acne treatments to get the look they have today! There are some of my clasmmates from gradeschool who pratically still look the same .. hahaha!

It's great to connect with old friends, the saying "don't burn your bridges" is really true .. these are your friends that have known you when you were still small ... hehehe! So glad i joined in facebook ... try it too ... you might be surprised who you will bump into!

Gifts Brainstorming

I have started to list down the gifts the kiddies want to receive this Christmas. The girls are easy, it's usually Bratz, Barbies and Arts and Craft thingies. Piece of cake!

Vin on the other hand shifts from time to time ... but one things remains still .. it is his love for the color "red"! So may it ba a truck, a car or shirt his eyes light up seeing the new shiny thing in .. red!

Look at this nice red number, now that he is four he is ready for some rc helicopters this Christmas. He sure would have a fun time bonding with Christian when they take this out in the fields. They sure would have a blast .. while we girls would look and cheer on ... but knowing Bea it would just take a few minutes before she asks for a turn to handle the controller ... hahaha!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super Sandwich

I just love Subway sandwhiches and they really can be very satisfying .. it actually is an entire meal all on its own ... the carbohydrates we get from the bread, the protein from the meat fillings and the vegetables are enough to keep me satisfied. The choices are endless and you just have to think of the many ways you want your special sandwich to come out. I wonder how much a Subway franchise would cost? Buti am sure the turnover and return of investments will be fast as this sandwich has been tried and tested and has gained a quite a number of regulars. Surely, this one super venture worth trying.

Friday, October 17, 2008


This used to be my long time header in one of my blogs .. i just love it!

What's Your Name

These are the latest name frames i made for a special client of mine who is starting to prepare for Christmas ... she has decided to order ahead to avoid the rush. She is going to give these gifts to her nephews and Godchildren. My business has been going strong and i will soon mark my fourth year in November. It started out as a small business opportunity that turned out to be a good and stable business and i am really grateful for all the orders coming in. I have and always maintained my zest in all my designs and really try to outdo myself everytime to make my client happy with their designs.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vin's First Visit

Bea and Sam have regular visits to the dentist, all for checking and cleaning, scheduled every six months, while Vin just looked on. I have asked him a few times if he wanted to have the dentist check his teeth, but he said "no", so i never pushed it nor bribed him to do it.

So last week when the girls were scheduled for cleaning, he suddenly said "Mama, can i go first?" ... i waited it to sink in and without making a fuss about it i said "hmmm...okay, and then Ate Bea and then Ate sam" as if it was one of the ME FIRST MAMA scenario.

So when we got there i said, "So who is first?" and Vin said "Me, mama!" ... so off he went to the chair .. was really tempted to let him sit on my lap like when we were younger, buti na lang di ko nagawa, para this will not be a habit ... so he sat down with no fuss and i stayed in front of the chair and looked at him.

I was one proud Momma!

I strongly suggest my fellow mommies to take care of their children's teeth so when they have their visit to the dentis it will not be traumatic but a happy one!


My orders are really pouring in and sometime i have to let my client know that it would take a while before i am able to attend to their orders as this is a one woman show ... hehehe! I can actually hear my computer crying for a memory upgrade to be able to handle all the designs i store in my hard disk. I have now made it a habit to delete and clean my computer from time to time until i get to upgrade my system to somehow help the system from being overloaded. Will shop for computer paraphernelia over the weekend .. that's a promise!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sam's Stash

Sam loved her presents!

She loves her Bratz dolls most of all, and we got her two (the ones that are hard to find Sasha and Jade) since most of the available ones are Chloe and Yasmin ... so when i saw the two dolls i had to buy it! Now the Bratz gang is complete!

She had other things and when i asked which she liked the best she confidently said "All of them!"

Now she is so busy with Bea playing with their dollas and intoducing them to their Barbies and My Scene dolls .. hehehe!

Now i have time to surf the net and finally get the auto insurance quotes Christian has been requesting from me.

Happy Birthday Sammie Girl!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend Again!


It sure was a fast week.

It was as usual ... busy!

There were ups and downs.

The downs first ... Bea and Sam had severe bouts of cough which made them miss few days of school. Down .. Vin had the sniffles and slight fever. Down .. my long nails got chipped which prompted me to cut them short again. And yet another Down ... all my day's worth of laundry got soaked in the rain, when we left and i did not anticipate the rain and so when we got back it was drenched, had to redo it. sob. sniff. all the hardwork .. to waste.

Now the Ups! Yey!
The girls are a lot better now (with a few small coughing bouts na lang) and they are now in school. They have nice parts in their school musical and they are excited as well! Sam is getting more good grades and it really is a happy welcome evrytime she steps out of the bus, her tespaper on hand! Vin is really gaining weight as his appetite is growing, getting hevaier by the minute ... but still has some moments of "Mama, can you carry me for a while?" .. heheh! Another Up ... i have a lot of work and i finished them all! Up ... have more designs and clients to work on for next week, but again all is under control and within schedule. Uppers ... Chrsitian is happy even if i bombard him wit errands for meet ups and deliveries even during his office hours .. hahaha! Up again .. it's Friday!

Our weekends are really filled up again .. we might sleep in my mom's house tonight. Finishing my work for today to schedule deliveried over the weekend. Ghristian has bowling tomorrow morning at megamall .. so thinking if i should go with him and stroll around .. hmmm ... oh, found a nice smoothing serum for the hair .. can't wait to buy a bottle!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Must Try

Here i am again thinking of ways to spice up and entice the kids to try on new food to widen their taste preferences. I searched the net for fast and easy recipes yet nutritious and delicious at the same time. Came across this sweet potato casserole and it sure looks inviting! What's more was surprised that it was a no fuss recipe .. so off to the supermart this weekend to buy the ingredients for this yummy dish!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fave Sweets in Malls

Here is Vin again enjoying hearty serving of all time favorite treats!

Blue Cotton Candy .. after a few bites his mouth, teeth and tongue were all shades of blue!

Strawberry flavored snow cone ... chilly!

Mamma Mia

I so love this movie! This one feel good kind of show that will leave you with a happy feeling after watching it. My kids and i actually bought the soundtrack and listen to the songs in the car and even on our ipods. The songs are so catchy and an easy sing so we really delight in singing to it together. If yo have it seen it, run to your video store and rummage the shelves and watch it, a sure thumbs up movie, enjoy!

Digestion Woes

Have not been feeling well these past few days .. must have been something i ate. I am very careful with what i take in and am really not a fan of street food like i used to when i was younger. The colorful carts were really a joy for me back then .. but now ... will not even dare to try a serving of any thing, especially now that the "street food" are available at the supermarket and i can prepare it myself.

Anyways, if this funny feeling is still with me tomorrow i might take some colon cleanser to detoxify my system. My friends swear on this and it really works for then .. so i might just try it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sporty Invite

This is their invite, and it had an Olympic Sporty Theme ... they were asked to come in their sport attire. Christian was always "The Bowler", so i thought it would be a change to come differently. I looked around for Harley parts so he can show support to the motorcycle sport .. for a change! There were actually a lot of choices and it really good to experiment .. i heard the girl awardees even went to buy entire tennic outfits for the night!

The verdict: He went to the awards night in his bowler outfit ... predictable. In fairness, he was one of the finalists, he said he even wore his wrist/hand aparatus ... so there!

I told him he should have come as Michael Phelps, and when he receives the award he takes off his bathrobe and reveal his trunks .. hahahha!

His way too conservative ... maybe that's why i love him so!

Awardee For The Second Time

Christian is one of the awardees in their company's performance awards .. this is his second! He was also included lsdt quarter! I guess all his hard work is not overlooked afterall ... i am so proud of him!

Considering a Pet

Everytime we go to the mall we pass by the display window of a pet store the kids just love to look at the dogs and cats for sale. Vin on the other hand takes a particular interest in fish and loves looking at then in their tanks. I while waiting for them look at the wide array and innovative cat supplies and imagine what fun our pet would have if it had these kinds of things.It sure would be purr-fect!