Friday, September 12, 2008

Checking Out

Last week Bea and Sam had their school program and we went to watch the girls dance, sing and recite poems. Christian was with us as he really tries to make it to school activities to watch the girls.

I was looking at these pictures and was thinking on what should i do to improve my looks:
1. i should watch my posture, i always catch myself with drooping shoulders.
2. put some color on my face .. have never been a fan of wearing make up .. maybe its about time to apply a little blush and maybe some light foundation.
3. gain a few pounds .. eat more! And have no worries that if i do overeat i can just take Orovo detox to detoxify then i am back to my old form .. no worries.
4. love black tops! Buy more .. hahaha!
5. check my hair often .. it can sometimes double as a nest .. lol! I am sure the kids would get a kick if a bird landed on my head!

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