Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Carnival Food

We were at the mall and i was really craving for a enormous slice of mushroom and cheese pizza. Spotted Sbarro the moment i surveyed the eating places and the search was over .. so off we went to satisfy my want.

Vin was looking at the sumptous array of italian food when he said "Mama, i want an orange snow cone" ... obviously this is one thing that is not available here ... hahaha ... so with heavy legs we went out and tried to look for some snow cone for my little boy.

Luckily, i saw the snow cone stand .. it was like i struck gold! I was really thinking of my piping hot mushroom pizza .. hahaha!

Vin also wanted a pink cotton candy to match his snow cone.

Here Vin smiling happily with his carnival food in an italian restaurant!

Big Bite!

Cool Icy Drink!

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