Thursday, September 25, 2008

Play Time

The kids had a great time at Power Station at Rockwell last Saturday with their cousins. I too had some time to play the basketball and win tickets ... hehehe!

We were lucky because we went in the morning so they practically had the entire place for themselves. I was looking at the other parents accompanying their children, some of them in sneakers with gym bags, maybe they would be heading for their workout after their children have their "workout" too ... haha!

Looking around some more, i noticed some moms only had tiny purses ... no gym bags ... maybe they have some alli weight loss pill stashed inside to keep them fit!

My imagination was running wild as i was busy guessing what people had in their bags at that moment.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The recent Globe event at Market Market was a huge success!

It was well attended and they practically sold out on some phone models ... even Christian, my brother and my mom got new phones.

Just look at this aerial shot (hehehe_ , Christian is at the stage area processing the approval of new applications for lines .. the kids would take a kick on calling him from 2 floors up .. hahaha!

Here are the three tired kids enjoying snowcones while waiting for their papa.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Look At Sermons

We all have been to church. We all have heard sermons, there ones that are interesting, engaging and some are sometimes bordering boring because the one one delivering it has not caught out interest. I have heard about Emergent Church and how engaging it is to listen to sermons. A very popular pastor, Pastor Bob delivers great sermons and you really will find yourself adapting what he is saying to your everyday life because he relates to the youngest church member up to the oldest person in the audience.

He talks to you in such a way that you can easily confide in him what you want the most and telling yourself that I Want a Better Marriageis possible if you work on it and not give up. Beliveing in yourself and getting strength and guidance from Him will never steer you wrong. Proper guidance and counselling will help you achive the best that you can be.

If you are in California and would want to Find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe you can try and visit The Horizon Christian Fellowship and see and hear what they have to say and maybe this is the only thing you have been waiting for. Go ahead and seek the truth .. we all needthe Divine Light to shine in our lives.

Under the Weather

The erratic weather outbursts and the load of work i had the past weeks have taken it's toll on me. I am under the weather ... but i proudly can say that it has yet to get the best of me ..heheheh!

I am one person who do not have the luxury to get sick and be imprisoned by the bed ... though i did manage to catch some catnaps during the day.

It has been a heavy downpour of work these past weeks and i really have to keep up with the pressure .. so far so good.

Sam had two parties for her eigth birthday and she was so happy .... yesterday Christian took a leave so he could help me in Sam's school party .. and boy was it tiring ... but seeing Sam's face beaming is enough to get me through the day.

I guess that is why we are moms right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yummy Pizza

I just love pizza!

My favorite is Shakeys, then Brooklyn and Yellow Cab is the last on my list.

This is my comfort food and i can eat an entire pizza easily in one sitting .. yum!

My friends and i were treating ourselves with hearty servings of pizza last night and one of then went raving on her recent weight loss product called orovo and is really attesting to its effectivity in bringing her weight down as it works on supressing her appetite while detoxifying her body and also increasing the rate of her metabolism. We were all at awe listening on how she was able to trim down even while she is binging on pizza!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shape up!

Watching me weight is something that really us easy for me, even when i was pregnant i gained a few pounds then shed it off even before postpartum left me. I have friends who gain a sizeble weight that they have a hard time shedding it off but now with the popularity and safety of diet pills it is no longer an impossible dream. Take control of your health and your body and shape up to perfection! We all deserve to be fit and well!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Performing

Bea and Sam love performing, may it be dancing, singing or anything that involves participating in a group activity. I was able to tale a lot of pictures of the girls ... here are a few of those priceless shots. Just look at their smiles!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Papa's Treasure

Christian has always been a hands-on father, since we have had no nannies and maids ever since you can just imagine how many nappy change, milk formula to prepare, baths and play time he has had with the three kids.

Even if he has his hands full with work he really takes time to set aside some time to be with the kiddies and bond with them. He told me his office is taking on a new way to handle their financial reporting and is proving to be so time saving which is why he has more free time now since they have used the new system. I must agree that it really is a good program especially now that i can see how it had helped make Christian's work load lighter.

Checking Out

Last week Bea and Sam had their school program and we went to watch the girls dance, sing and recite poems. Christian was with us as he really tries to make it to school activities to watch the girls.

I was looking at these pictures and was thinking on what should i do to improve my looks:
1. i should watch my posture, i always catch myself with drooping shoulders.
2. put some color on my face .. have never been a fan of wearing make up .. maybe its about time to apply a little blush and maybe some light foundation.
3. gain a few pounds .. eat more! And have no worries that if i do overeat i can just take Orovo detox to detoxify then i am back to my old form .. no worries.
4. love black tops! Buy more .. hahaha!
5. check my hair often .. it can sometimes double as a nest .. lol! I am sure the kids would get a kick if a bird landed on my head!

Looking Good

In one of my egroups i belong in talk a of interesting topics that and some picks up a lot of comments and the thread can really go on for days, you learn a lot even if you don't give your two cents worth .. just by reading the exchange of views. I remember the topic on top rated diet pills garnered a lot of steam and was a very active discussion ensued. Just to show that we really like to look our best all the time!

Rah Rah

Cheerleader material?

Yes, Sam would make a pretty cheerleader!

Vin? Not! Hahaha!

Spreading The Christmas Spirit

Tagged by newest blogger on the block Tin, pa tag tag na lang ha ... hehehe! Thanks!

Here’s something nice to go around to spread the spirit of Christmas as early as now. Starts here. It’s so simple. Copy the photo below then write your blog and your wish this Christmas 2008. Your wish has to be something PRICELESS and SELF- LESS… something that money can’t buy… something that another person will treasure dearly.

1. Bits and Pieces by Jan :: I wish Gino and I will be able to convince friends to help us sponsor a simple Christmas party for the children of White Cross Children’s Home in San Juan.

2. The Wifey Diaries by Jannesse : My birthday falls on the 22nd of December. I have always wished to spend it with orphaned or abandoned kids. I’d be super happy to spend my birthday with them. That way, they get early Christmas presents from me. Oh, and can I wish for a baby, too? Please?

3. The Versoza Inc. by Con: I’d like to have a simple Christmas party for all the children of our employees. Times were hard on our company this 2007, but still, the Christmas Spirit should not be overpowered by it. Christmas is about family. So our Christmas party should not be for employees only, but for their families as well. Also, I wish our clan would make it a tradition to have a Christmas gift giving project. My Tita Doi started it last year with the Antipolo church children. I am looking forward to this year .

4. Mommy On Top: I wish I could help a couple of kids (both are related to my kids’ nannies) finish their education so they can, in turn, help their family earn a living. I could try and help them find a job, but without finishing their studies, they can only go too far. With a diploma or at least some certificate of formal education, they could do so much and reach farther. I hope my efforts in hooking them up with this certain NGO will come out with favorable results.

5. Coffeenchoclate : We hope to sustain an extended help for a few elders and be able to increase aid to another few elders before the year ends.

6) My Yoga Mat by Christine: I wish that we would have a great Christmas in our new home (we'll be moving to Tarlac before the year ends). I also hope for my son to have a great birthday (this december also). And that I could be able to provide and help my husband ( I need a job!)

7) Melisse's Domain: Now that i have kids i can honestly say i do not need anything material anymore .. Christmas comes every year but believe me when i say i have nothing on my wish list but to see the sparkle of my children's eyes every Christmas and to always be there for them, that is all i want ... my children's happiness, everything just comes in second.

I am spreading the love to blogging mommas ... will leave a message on your cbox. Merry Christmas!

Medical Info

We have always relied on trips to the doctor to get a read out of our symptoms ... sometime we have to wait for our appointment to finally know the answers we are looking for. But nowadays that is not the case anymore, but don't get me wrong, the trip to the doctor is still important. But there are things that just can't wait and we want to get some answers right away to ease our mind and worries and to somehow shed light on some medical information we need without disturbing our doctors. I really find it helpful to know that we can find out right away why a certain drug is prescribed to us, say for example Levaquin, we can find out it's composition, adverse reactions and many things that sometimes we are shy to bombard our doctors with our questions. Medical information we can get when we need it is essential to the health of the whole family.
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Happy Life

There are many things i am thankful for ... and one of these is my family! It has been 11 years and we are as bonded as glue is to paper. I have never worked (office job i mean .. not house work, that i have many .. lol!) for 11 years and have dedicated my role as a partner, best friend, loved one, mama, playmate, teacher and online diva! ( hahaha! The last one i just thought of adding it ..haha!)

I cannot see myself walking another path but this one .. i am so happy and content .. and that is what life is all about really ... live your life the way you feel is the best way to live it .. and you will be happy no matter what.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chalk Drawing

I haave seen a lot of chalk drawings .... but these are my favorites!

Clean with Steam

Bea's allergic rhinitis is really getting the best of her every morning these past days. She wakes up with watery eyes and bouts of sneezing ensue. Achoo!

I have been very careful with the surroundings and have tried to eliminate the allergens that makes Bea's rhinitis act up. Have been looking at Ladybug steam cleaners online and i think this might just be the thing i need to finally combat Bea's morning allergy at last. I really feel for my eldest in the morning because this is something she has no control over.

Flying High

Had my birthday last month ... and in one year i will be entering the big 4-0!

I have so many things to be thankful for and these are things that cannot be equated with material stuff ... thay are far more precious than that.

I am at the prime of my life ... flying high to new heights!

Carnival Food

We were at the mall and i was really craving for a enormous slice of mushroom and cheese pizza. Spotted Sbarro the moment i surveyed the eating places and the search was over .. so off we went to satisfy my want.

Vin was looking at the sumptous array of italian food when he said "Mama, i want an orange snow cone" ... obviously this is one thing that is not available here ... hahaha ... so with heavy legs we went out and tried to look for some snow cone for my little boy.

Luckily, i saw the snow cone stand .. it was like i struck gold! I was really thinking of my piping hot mushroom pizza .. hahaha!

Vin also wanted a pink cotton candy to match his snow cone.

Here Vin smiling happily with his carnival food in an italian restaurant!

Big Bite!

Cool Icy Drink!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Eating Partner

While i was organizing my photos and saving on dvds for safekeeping .. saw a lot of pictures of me and Vin eating .. hahaha!

It seems he is always with me whenever we eat out, especially when we do errands, we always start and end our errand with a snack. Vin is my official eating partner, since the girls are always somewhere else and we are the ones who have to while away our time waiting for them to finish their thing.


Show Of Love

A few months back, my papa was hospitalized and we made everything in the room different from a look of a regular hospital room .. we had a lot of get well flowers from a lot of people and we displayed a few around the room while the others we brought to the hospital chapel.

The kids made get well cards and letters that we posted on a corkboard just in front of my papa's bed. The refrigirator was filled with snacks and fruit drinks too ... and pizza was overflowing!

If not only for the presence of the dextrose bottles, medicines on the side table and pulse oximeter you could say it looked like a hotel room and we were all on a vacation, especially with all the friends and relatives coming by everyday expressing their love.