Friday, August 1, 2008

Slideshow Coming Up Soon

Added my design website here :)

Will make a slide show of some of my designs a little later.

So proud of myself .. was able to download to my hard drive all my pictures from the website, kasi there has been talk that some of the multiply users are having trouble signing in ... praning mode seeped in ... kaya stopped my design work this morning and took care of downloading the pictures (kasi the design there yung mga high resolution copies nila are on different cds na kaya really hard to retrieve them, unlike sa multiply i was able to save them per folder and in lo res) will try to put it on flickr or something, yung mabilis magload sa blog.

Have a full load of designs din .. but since weekend naman, i have all the time for my meet up and night time to do my designs.

Yey! Time management na ito! Plus kids are home from school na (half day kasi first friday mass) kaya may kalaro na si Vin ...hahaha!

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