Friday, August 22, 2008

Mermaid Beauty

Saw this on the news ... excitedly i searched the net for it! Here is Julianne Moore and swimming star Michael Phelps posed in this LITTLE MERMAID-inspired shoot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for VANITY FAIR magazine. (Remember Annie and her controversial photos of Miley Cyrus?) Michael and Julianne were all praises for this famous photographer.

If only i could look half as good as Julianne in my swimsuits, i would consider doing this pose as well ... hahaha!

Continuing the "Disney Dream Portrait Series" that has put stars in all kinds of Disney fantasies, Leibovitz trained her famous lens this time on the undersea world of Ariel, heroine of "The Little Mermaid." To get there, she dressed actress Julianne Moore and American swimming icon Michael Phelps in tails and scales.

"Yes, Julianne has a big mermaid tail; it's interesting," Leibovitz recalled from the shoot. "Michael, too. His movements were so graceful and beautiful you just felt like you were watching a real merman."

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