Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

I recently applied for an online job (which still keeps me home to tend to the kids) and had got me thinking if i can juggle all the duties or am i on the verge of spreading myself too thin?

I have my design business which is getting stronger and am having regular clients overseas ... aside from my clients here ... i am not complaining ... business has never been better!

My kids are growing by the minute and the assignments they bring home is enough to take me back to the past with all the math problems ... hahaha!

Vin is getting all his energy replenished everyday and you can see me work on the computer while playing catch, domino even play station at the same time.

But this new venture is something that i do not want to pass up as it could really bring me additional income while having the luxury of staying at home.

I have promised myself not to shortchange any of my roles as every role i play must be given my 100% attention.

Here's to me as i turn a year older and embark on another task!

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