Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanton Noodle Soup

Everytime we got to the mall i see to it that the kids get what they want to eat ... kahit na minsan sa iba ibang place nila gusto kumain ... so what i do is i order take out and dun sa mga di pwedeng i-take out (like soup) is the place where we will eat. Vin lately has been enjoying Wanton Noodle Soup ... from anywhere actually, no particular restaurant ... lucky for me as noodle soups abound ... hehehe!

Here we are eating his fave (i take the wantons by the way, he just likes the noodles and the broth) and i ordered pizza from Shakey's (Thin crust, Manager's Choice..yum!) take out ... both us happily eating.

Look at the man behind Vin ... he kept on staring at us as we took picturesof each other .. hehehe .. whatever rocks your boat! hahaha!

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