Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party Activities

Bea and Sam are not shy joining games in parties and last Sunday they got a lot of prizes from participating in most of the games. The "Bring me" is their favorite, mine too!

Bea won in the coloring contest and was able to take a picture of it when her name was called.

Bea also loved being inside the giant bubble and said it was like she was underwater ... glug.. glug!

Saying hello!

Sam was not able to try the bubble because she was back at our table drinking and eating again. Christian on the other hand was busy talking to his friends who are now residing in the US and was telling him that they are doing good in their business there. They even said that even if they are here having their vacation they have gotten the service of reliable commercial collection agencies to facilitate the collection of their receivables promptly and effectively. Christian being in the Credit Business as well was impressed with his friend's decision when it comes to taking care of his finances. They sure had a lot of catching up to do and they talked animately for hours.

Vin was busy eating chocolate covered stickos from the chocolate fountain, yum! Everybody busy.


Topher & Joshua said...

Wow super busy ang super mommy! Great photos of the kids, as always.

Btw, need some help w/ designing Topher's invitations. Sent you privy email. Thanks Melisse!

Topher & Joshua said...

Whoops, forgot to sign my name on the last comment. Si Monina po ito!:)

Melisse said...

hi monet! Thanks for the compliment ng mga kids, alam mo naman mga mommies paparazzi! Sure, am never too busy for topher and joshua ... :)
congrats uli sa party niyo ha!