Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lizard fell on my head!

Last night as i was head deep in my designing work i felt a small thump on the top of my head ... i brushed it off ... and lo and behold a big lizard fell off!

I quickly asked Christian was the old folklore said about it, because i remember there was a sign for it ... he said it was nothing and continued with his fixing the bed.

I could not stand it .. i searched the net for it and found out the meaning ...

It meant "death" ... i got so scared ... just reading about it gave me goosebumps ... told Christian right away.

Of course he said "it was just nothing" and dismissed the issue ...

I asked him to stand up and together we prayed.

I got my bottle of holy water and put some drops (more of liters of it) on the top of my head, and wished the badluck away.

Although i really believe that God will take over ... there is still a feeling of fear (sue me!) ... i am trying hard to control it and keep my faith as strong as it can possibly get.

I know we are all going there ... but not just YET!! hahhahaha!

So here i am going on with my routine .. ALIVE! lol!

So will start blogging na nga. :)

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