Friday, July 18, 2008

HSM Ice Tour

Watched the High School Musical Ice Tour last Saturday, and my three kiddies sure had a great time singing and dancing to the the tune of their favorite songs from hsm 1 and 2. Among the three of them Bea was really excited and kept waving her hands to say hello to Gabriella and Sharpay (hahaha!). Sam at first was a little scared because there was a voice over that there will be times that it will be pitch black (lol!) and that really shook her up. Good thing she was able to recover from it and was having a nice time singing and eating her cotton candy (which by the way was way over priced! But we are all suckers .. hahaha! So we got one .. lol!) Vin on the other hand was a little scared with the fireworks display (understandable really), ako din nagulat eh .. hahaha!

The show was really nice! But my only observation was the hsm merchandise were very expensive for my taste .. hahah! An example is the cotton candy that came with a plastic hat (which we got ..hehe!) was at Four Hundred pesos! Show programs were at three hundred (we got din ..hehe!), diary (super small lang) six hundred pesos, t-shirts at one thousand foru hundred (antayin ko na lang yan sa SM ... hehehe!) Coloring books that usually are priced at fifty pesos were being sold for two hundred fifty pesos!

But the ice show is really worth watching especially if you are a true blue hsm fanatic ... the kids are now getting excited to the coming of hsm3 (seniors na sila!) in October!


Carol said...

yung HSM3 nalang papanoorin ko sa sine! haha

Melisse said...

hehehe! Sa October pa yun a kanila, pag dating sa atin dito baka December ..kaya sa greenhills na lang, hahaha, meron kagad :)