Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Talk

Yes! It's Friday again!

I just love posting when it's a friday .. why? Because i know i will have a great weekend in just a few hours! Like i always say, our weekends are well spent ... every thing is planned and jampacked with activities for the kids (who really are getting tired from morning classes) so weekends are very important for us!

Tomorrow morning we are going to my mom's house for lunch, then will try to squeeze in a trip to the nearby mall to get cd installers before heading to Araneta for the HS Musical Ice Show.

I still have dinner plans to finalize.

But anyway, today i have to accompany my cousin to the bank as she is so stressed that she was sent a letter about her properties foreclosure so she has to talk to the bank manager as it looks as there is some mistake somewhere. Hope their meeting turns out well, i will just tag along.

1 comment:

Rocks said...

sis, ako wala pang kids pero weekends naming mag asawa lagi rin jampacked..:)

happy weekened!