Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cool Shot

My sister Loren always has great shots on her blog .. and suprisingly they all just were taken from her phone's camera ... so while we were walking in the mall last week she just held out her hand with her camera facing us and she said to just look and smile (all this done while we were walking briskly ha) and she snapped away. She showed me the picture and i was surprised that it looked good .. everything was hazy except us! It was a camera trick that the subject is the only one in focus, then she showed me another trick (magician na ito! hahaha!) This time she held her camera again in front of her, smiled and twirled around and then snap ... that is the result in the next picture. Cool huh?!

Tried doing it na din ... will upload the pics soon ... after i regain my composure having to twirl around so many times to get the shot ... hahaha!

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